Ritual Green

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The earth invocation, what is it supposed to be doing to our body/soul? And is it possible to use the invocation to commune with elementals?

"Grounding", attuning our consciousness with the nature of elemental earth. Yes.

Is there anything I can do to make elemental earth energies more... I guess the word to use is visible? Not sure if that’s the right word.

Yes... Do you have Ritual Green?


The whole thing is good, but there's one part in particular I'm thinking of. Remember, earth is the combination of air water and fire, especially the base elements, though all other kinds are included as well. In other words, you're breathing the atmosphere, it's part of you, part of your body. Your moisture is all oceans, rivers and clouds. Your bones are most like earth, but even using intelligence and science and such you can "see" how these parts all come together on cell and even molecular scales. For example, with our hands we fashion the iron some ancient exploding star produced into pots and pans and nails. Our cells do similar things with iron.

Mostly it’s about getting over ideas of being separate from earth.

That looks awesome thanks.

Of course. :)


Ritual GREEN

Ritual GREEN is written for members of the Zelator grade and higher. The currents invoked in the grade of Zelator carry over very well into this ritual, and this ritual will help deepen the Zelator’s relationship with the element of Earth. If you have not yet achieved the grade of Zelator you are welcome to perform this ritual, just skip over anything that doesn’t sound familiar.

This ritual is designed to invoke and sustain health and harmony within our ecosystem. In order to do this, of course, we must strongly invoke harmony and healing into our own lives and bodies.

As the Emerald Tablet states, “the things that are below are a reflection of the things that are above.” In order to bring health and harmony into our bodies, we must continually invoke health and harmony into our minds, hearts, and souls.

Therefore it is recommended that Ritual Green be performed in conjunction with one or all of the other Rituals such as Shalom Jerusalem, the Ritual to Feed the Hungry, S1, the Astral Shield, etc.

Peace in the heart must be accomplished before we can invoke any real results from Ritual Green. That is, to invoke healing into our bodies, individually, then to our collective body: our ecosystem.

If you perform this ritual in the evening, be sure to drink several glasses of water throughout the day, and try to avoid caffeine, grease, fast food, and other such things which are obviously in conflict with the forces invoked in this ritual. Of course, if you are so heavily addicted to coffee that you need one cup to avoid a migraine, please don’t let that to prevent you from performing the ritual.

It is recommended for the first performance, and at your convenience in performing it thereafter, that you walk, if you are able, for a minimum of twenty minutes. This should be done during the daytime, and would preferably be done in a natural environment, even if it’s just the local park in your metropolis. Find a place that strikes you as particularly beautiful, and face east, proclaiming “Adonai, Melek Ha-Aretz. Grand unto me the scepter of thy child, the Caretaker of the Garden of Life.” Pick up a small stone, quartz if possible, and carry it home with you.

Once The Stone is in the northern part of your personal temple or working space, place your earth pentacle upon your central alter, and a green candle upon your pentacle. Burn an earthy incense such as Dittany of Crete or Patchouli. Beyond that, feel free to decorate the alter and working space however seems appropriate. If you have a backyard, or someplace where you can be certain you will have privacy, then this ritual may be performed outside.


Step One: Purify your working space with Water, and consecrate with Incense.

Step Two: LBRP and BRH, finishing with the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe:

“Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe

Holy art Thou, which Nature hast not formed

Holy art Thou, the Vast and Mighty One

Ruler of the Light and the Darkness”

Step Three: Kneeling “Oh Lord of the Universe, the vast and mighty One, ruler of the light and the darkness, we adore Thee and we invoke Thee. Look Thou with favor upon us who kneel before Thee, and grand Thine aid unto the highest aspirations of our souls, that we may be enabled to accomplish the Great Work unto the glory of Thine ineffable name!”

Step Four: Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual, vibrating each name seven times.

Step Five: LIRP of Earth, take a moment to greet each of the four Archangels beginning in the East.

Step Five: Stand to the West of your central alter and face East - all underlined names are to be vibrated:

"I Invoke Thee oh Lord of the Universe, in and by your Holy Names, ADONAI HA ARETZ, ADONAI MELEKH, unto thee be the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory” while drawing a cross in the air above the alter “Malkuth, Geburah, Gedulah, the Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valley, Amen.”

Approach the eastern quadrant of your working space, and face East

“In the name of YHVH, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Raphael. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, to breathe your healing winds into my life. Purify and uplift my thoughts, and let me see and know clearly, and let the air that I breathe be clean, for Breath is the evidence of life, and it is the very red of my life’s blood. So Shall It Be.”

Salute the archangel Raphael with the grade sign of the Theoricus, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate to the Southern quadrant of your working space, and face South.

“In the name of Elohim, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Michael. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, bring pure energy, light and heat into my life. Let the fires of my life, my motivation and my Will, come from a higher source. Banish forever the lower fires of destructivity and selfishness. So Shall It Be.” Sign of Silence

Salute the archangel Michael with the grade sign of the Philosophus, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate to the Western quadrant of your working space, and face West.

“In the name of El, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Gabriel. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, send forth your rivers of pure and clean waters and refreshing rain. Bring a higher Love into my heart and life. Bring peace and understanding between me and everyone I know, and whomever I may meet. So Shall It Be.” Sign of Silence

Salute the archangel Gabriel with the grade sign of the Practicus, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate to the Northern quadrant of your working space, and face North.

“In the name of Adonai Ha Aretz, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Auriel. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, Bring balance and stability into my life, my body, my finances. Bring health, vitality, and wholeness to my body and the bodies of my family, and into my brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn, and all my friends and everyone I know and whomever I may come in contact with, and to every being in the world. Let the life on this world thrive and shine in perfect harmony and synergy. So Shall It Be!” Sign of Silence

Salute the archangel Auriel with the grade sign of the Zelator, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate and return to your central alter, facing East.

Recall to mind the Middle Pillar, and briefly reawaken and visualize the five spheres of brilliant light within you. Imagine that you are standing on a large Lotus flower, floating on the surface of a pond. Know that this Lotus is the universal mother of life: Isis Mighty Mother. Perform the sign of silence and imaging you are an infant standing on this Lotus, your true Mother. Let the petals close around your auric egg, nurturing and protecting you, and bringing healing from the very heart of creation.

“Isis, I Invoke thee Ima Elohim (pronounced ee-ma) send forth your Spirit and descend into this Temple in your light blue mist. Oh thou Blessed Shekina (sheh-kee-na) I invoke Thee!

Oh, Blessed Mother. I know that the survival of the human species depends upon our ability to respect the natural balances, and that the protection of nature and the safeguarding of all of life and nature is the responsibility of all people.

Thou didst give life to us that we might be a gardener for your world. Therefore, Mighty Mother, open our eyes, starting with my own. Let us see and understand the full import of the little things we do, every day.

Let us open our eyes and see the impact what we eat and drink, and the affect it has on our health, and on our emotions and our state of mind and the way we live our lives.

Aid and assist me in this noble task! I beseech Thee, remain with me oh Mother and remind me as I go throughout me days. Let my eyes be opened and let the eyes of my brothers and sisters in the human race be opened.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to use cleaner, domestically produced electricity.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to rid ourselves entirely of our addiction to fossil fuels.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to utilize renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials, and to recycle all materials when we are finished with them.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to respect our bodies, and not to pollute them. Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to know and to understand, not just intellectually, but to really know in the very core of our being, that the Earth is our Mother, and it is the collective body of all nature, of all animals and plants, and that we must respect our planet even as we must respect our bodies, for we are the cherished creation and child of the Most High.”

Let the light of Keher descending through Da’at and into your Tipharet center. Feel that warm light and life radiating out into the world. Visualize the entire surface of the Earth’s lands covered in green grass and pink roses, as in the Shalom Jerusalem Ritual. Smell the scents of the many and various plants, and hear the sounds of the birds in the air and the other animals around the world. Even as we evoke food for the people of the world that are hungry, let us invoke harmony and balance in nature, that all life be cared for and preserved in its place in the great tapestry of life.

“So Shall It Be!” Sign of Silence

Step Six: "O invisible King, who, taking the Earth for foundation, didst hollow its depths to fill them with Thy almighty power. Thou whose name shaketh the arches of the world, Thou who causest the seven metals to flow in the veins of the rocks, King of the seven lights, rewarder of the subterranean workers, lead us into the desirable Air and into the realm of splendor. We watch and we labor unceasingly, we seek and we hope, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the buried Talismans, by the Axis of the lodestone which passes through the center of the Earth. O Lord, O Lord, O Lord! Have pity upon those who suffer. Expand our hearts, unbind and upraise our minds, enlarge our natures.

O stability and motion! O Darkness veiled in brilliance! O day clothed in night! O Master who never dost withhold the wages of Thy workmen! O silver whiteness! O golden splendor! O crown of living and harmonious diamond! Thou who wearest the heavens on Thy finger like a ring sapphire! Thou who hidest beneath the earth in the Kingdom of Gems, the marvelous seed of the stars! Live, reign, and be Thou the Eternal Dispenser of the treasures where of Thou has made us the Wardens.

Step Seven: LBRP, BRH, and Adoration

Step Eight: (Final Release) I now release any and all spirits which may have been imprisoned by this rite. Go forth now unto thine own abodes and habitations, and go thou with the blessing of YEHESHUAH YEHOVASHA. Be there always peace between you and me and be ye ready to come again when ye are called. For I now declare Ritual GREEN duly closed."


This ritual is most effective when performed every day for seven days. If you do not have time to perform the entire ritual each day, repeat as often as possible.


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