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Ritual Green

Time for a ritual question?

Go ahead.

The earth invocation, what is it supposed to be doing to our body/soul? And is it possible to use the invocation to commune with elementals?

"Grounding", attuning our consciousness with the nature of elemental earth. Yes.

Is there anything I can do to make elemental earth energies more... I guess the word to use is visible? Not sure if that’s the right word.

Yes... Do you have Ritual Green?


The whole thing is good, but there's one part in particular I'm thinking of. Remember, earth is the combination of air water and fire, especially the base elements, though all other kinds are included as well. In other words, you're breathing the atmosphere, it's part of you, part of your body. Your moisture is all oceans, rivers and clouds. Your bones are most like earth, but even using intelligence and science and such you can "see" how these parts all come together on cell and even molecular scales. For example, with…