Letter from TDL

Avete! Here is a letter that TDL has just asked us to forward to all members, so I figured I'd just post it here. 770, BT :)

Avete Fraters and sorors of the Golden Dawn California, Temple of Isis Mighty Mother,

I want to warmly greet all of our Fraters and Sorors to a happy and blessing filled 2012. I want to also extend a reminder that I and all the Adepts at Isis are here to serve God, you and the occult community. We are doing every effort to broaden and expand our grade lessons, classes and workshops so as to make your membership at the Temple of Isis a memorable and magical filled experience.

As of recent, we (Temple of Isis under Golden Dawn California), have made a declaration of separation from the EOGD and its founder PDR who is otherwise known as Robert Zink, for reasons of extreme differences of interests and goals for this Order of Light. We regret to say that there may be some recent posts on the internet that may be attempting to stir up some confusion and cause strife to this new beginning. I want to express our sincere apologies for any arousal of disruption and please note that the governing body of Golden Dawn California Temple of Isis is managed under the positions of the Imperator Frater TDL, Praemonstrator Frater BT, and Cancellarius Soror P. And if there are any posts that are made contrary to our direction of Order administration, you may be being misled by hosts of the EOGD or some other source. We encourage our members to quickly notify us for clarification and to report any disruptions or suspicious posts on the internet, or contact the Cancellarius at cancellarius@goldendawnusa.com. We would only wish light upon all of our members on their magical path to enlightenment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your brother in Light,
G.H. Frater T.D.L.


  1. I am not aware of any controversial comments or remarks being done by either the EOGD or the GDCA, whether on facebook, the yahoo groups forums, or by direct email, however I will be on the lookout and notify the GDCA immediately if any are found. Interesting...


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