Oh.. Happy.. Day!!!

(AKA "TDL's Declaration of Independance" AKA "It's About Friggin' Time!" AKA "Warning: This Post is Entirely about Politics")

Avete, "The Community"!
Fratres, Sororis, and Cousins in Light of all kinds.

For those of you who are just tuning into our shenanigans, allow me to sum up:

Most, if not all, of the bad things you've heard about the EOGD are true.

However, over the past 22 years or so, sincere people have become initiated in the ECL, HOEGD, HOMSI, EOGD - all names for the same organization, three of the founding four of which had left long ago, and the head of which had long since been one Robert Anton (yes that's his middle name) Zink, AKA GH Frater PDR. The longest standing of these sincere seekers to date: GH Frater TDL, my mentor.

So, firstly, I can affirm the accuracy of the vote that took place and which was announced here:

From the point of view of the 23 who voted "yes, yes, and yes", they remained right where they were, threw out PDR, called everyone in the Order to tell them what was happening, and then changed their name to avoid being connected with the EOGD and its reputation. I wanted to mention that because the way that TDL's Declaration-letter is worded states that those temples "left us to form the OGD-CSS" which, I know, there will be a few saying "that's not the way it happened!" for the reasons I've just mentioned.

From TDL's point of view, TDL was appointed Imperator of the Temple of Isis back in 1996 I believe it was, if not earlier, and in February/March of 2011 he refused to acknowledge the Expulsion-of-PDR-letter, linked to above. So, basically, TDL was included in the expulsion of PDR, from the point of view of those who "left" / "stayed where they were". So TDL remained the Imperator of the only temple which remained with Robert (EOGD)... UNTIL TODAY!

Dear Fraters and Sorors,

I want to personally thank all the members of the Temple of Isis who have remained loyal to her and have supported her through difficult times of trial. Let me be brief. It is no secret that the Order has undergone a split this past March, due to differences of opinion concerning the question of the Order’s leadership.

At this time I want to express that the direction of the Order will be to continue to Teach, Initiate and Heal in a society hungry for the magical way of life. Furthermore, it is in our best interest to mentor interested students providing them with advanced education whose aim it is to take on the status of mentor to help in the burden of teaching the students in such a magical Order. I am calling those who wish to train to become a mentor to come forward and express your interests so that together we can help this Order rebuild and grow.

As to making clarifications over the pending topic of leadership within the Temple of Isis, I would like to clearly state that I, TDL and all the body of hardworking loyal Adepti are sworn to assist and guide all the members of our Order, treating them as if they were our own brother or sister, helping to lead them to the doorways that will aid them to complete the Great Work. We as the Adept body will continue to stand by these promises in the hopes for a greater future of the world of spirituality, magic, personal growth and for the glory of the empire of Light.

Being that this is said, let it also be clearly stated that the Golden Dawn California Temple of Isis will from here on work independently, so that her growth in love, truth and knowledge will prosper and expand, and that her political restraints that has kept her limited will begin to diminish. This is an Order built by the Spirit of Light whose Will it is to spread the teachings of the Mysteries for the benefit of mankind so that every individual may have the opportunity to accomplish his/her True Will. At this time Temple of Isis and GH Frater PDR have undergone a difference of beliefs. Let it be clearly stated that Temple of Isis has chosen to move onto a different direction towards the benefit and well-being of the Order’s tradition of teachings and her members. The body and council of Temple of Isis wishes to provide the best possible environment for our members to continue with the classical tradition of the Golden Dawn and RR et AC, towards completing the Great Work and the way of the magic of Light.

The Adepti of the Temple of Isis acknowledge GH Frater PDR as the founder of the EOGD. He has been and will always be known as our Brother in light. But for clarification, let our members understand that the Temple of Isis is now moving independently from GH Frater PDR in the direction that will best exemplify the principles of light symbolized by the three pillars “Love, Truth and Knowledge.” Let it also be made clear that we at the Temple of Isis do not wish to “rejoin” with those temples which left ours in March to form the OGD-CSS either.

For the sake of the tradition of the Golden Dawn and the Great Work, we declare that Golden Dawn California Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother is from this day forward an independent Order of light, no longer affiliated with the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, and will continue to seek to learn that we may serve.


GH Frater TDL and Council of Adepti

And just in time for Christmas!!! :)

Anyhow, I’ve been paying as little attention to Robert’s shenanigans as possible, as I’m a bit burnt out on them after all these years, but evidently he’s still got his website esotericgoldendawn.com going, and his blog, and whatever else – is still taking people’s money and telling them they’ll be initiated, is still listing as being his temples all of the temples which have long since (or, in our case, just recently) disconnected themselves from him for a variety of reasons including **but not limited to** all of those listed on the expulsion announcement. He’s still out there doing what he’s doing, but today I am very, very, happy to say - Isis, TDL, and the rest of us, are free.

It seems we're calling ourselves "Golden Dawn California" and "GDCA", though I prefer to think of us as "The Temple of Isis Mighty Mother", since the politics that have been stinking up the community seem to be not between "Temples", but between "Orders". C'est la vie.

As always, we’ll see how things unfold from here. :)

Best wishes to all of you,

and 770,

Post Script: In the end, the Temple of Isis under TDL went with the name Order of the Golden Dawn Universum


  1. Lets just go with... we're all Golden Dawners. Whats in a name?

  2. Wicked proud of you and your brethren. <3

  3. I often wondered if I'd live long enough to see it happen :-0

  4. Good for you! Wish you all much love and many blessings, especially during this christmas season.



  5. May your collective liberation provide you all a profound peace of mind and soul.

    In LVX,
    The Former Frater P.R.

  6. Zink or no Zink, I will continue to do the Great Work and serve the light as I have been. I am proud to be with the GDCA but will also say that no one man has domain over me or my life. I will continue to listen to my own Neschamah and do what I feel is right in my heart. Peace and love, 770.


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