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Oh.. Happy.. Day!!!

(AKA "TDL's Declaration of Independance" AKA "It's About Friggin' Time!" AKA "Warning: This Post is Entirely about Politics")

Avete, "The Community"!
Fratres, Sororis, and Cousins in Light of all kinds.

For those of you who are just tuning into our shenanigans, allow me to sum up:

Most, if not all, of the bad things you've heard about the EOGD are true.

However, over the past 22 years or so, sincere people have become initiated in the ECL, HOEGD, HOMSI, EOGD - all names for the same organization, three of the founding four of which had left long ago, and the head of which had long since been one Robert Anton (yes that's his middle name) Zink, AKA GH Frater PDR. The longest standing of these sincere seekers to date: GH Frater TDL, my mentor.

So, firstly, I can affirm the accuracy of the vote that took place and which was announced here:

From the point of view of the 23 who voted "…

Ladders, Nothingness, and Side-Paths

Frater BT,

Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that creation starts in the Abyss and we "evolve" up through the animal states to human state and finally to a divine state of being. In the Gnosticism that I was studying they explained it as follows:

We start off as in innocent little spark of God that was sent out of the vastness to Self-realize and go back to the Absolute a fully awakened and Self realized being. We are sent out into manifestation first in the mineral kingdom, then to the plant kingdom, then to the animal kingdom and finally take incarnation as a humanoid. During this "realization" process, we obtain what they termed "egos" and it is in the humanoid state that we consciously observe and dissolve these ego states with the power of the Divine Mother. These egos are the lower states that we needed in the animal kingdom to survive and learn so that we could evolve into the humanoid states. In the process of dissolving the ego and with…