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Quick Trick Tips

Wanted to share a few things which may or may not be directly GD related as they've come from personal discovery within the context of working that system with whatever other background influences and all - anyhow, if you get something you do, if not no biggie..

so, here's 3 things you can do when the world is too much with you:

1. Close your eyes, around you is infinite space, the horizon in all directions. Do you like desert? if so its desert if not it's your call but you know that you know that you know that no one but you can exist there, and you have absolute confidence that no one will peak their head over the horizon to come toward you. Now sign of silence, open your eyes, and that desert can be between you and everything else, when you need it, even on a crowded bus, so breathe easy.

2. Feel the universe and all past and future, thought, emotion, and every possible thing or form or idea or label or relative position or anything, everything, as if it were all in…