Stained Glassed

Esoterinerd Vocabulary for the Day - "Stained Glassed": (adjective) Can be used to describe the messagings which an individual claims to be channeling from a higher source (such as a god, an angel, or a ghost) when it is evident that the person performing the channeling has already predetermined the jist of what the message will be and/or pre-established a set of talking points which they will then present as if the source of the message was someone or something other than themselves. Sometimes you might feel a real presence, even as it is real sunlight which shines through stained glass, illuminating the picture already created by the artist. (for example: “last night’s channeling was very obviously stained glassed, but I got something out of it anyway.”)

Todd: I think that anyone and everyone who channels is guilty of this to some extent. as long as you have a Ruach (a soul) -the message being filtered through it will to some extent be corrupted. This goes from the highest, most enlightened, on down. The question is- "To what degree?" and "What are the motives behind it?"

P.S.: Larry's Clue Farm called, and thought I should mention, at this point, that having a knee jerk reaction to the above, when no one has mentioned any names, and then word-violently barfing back the definition of the word "hater" is itself evidence (whereas the above isn't) of your own guilt. It's the equivalent of responding to "hi, how are you?" with "what?! I wasn't anywhere near fifth street! besides, what motive would I have had - you've got nothing on me - this is harassment, officer!"


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