The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley

What is the significance of the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valley?


Much poetry is written about these. "Rose of Sharon" comes from a King James mistranslation of "Crocus of Sharon" – Sharon being the region where that flower is found, but it is from in the Songs of Solomon "I am a Rose of Sharon and a Lily of the Valley". The book is a love poem with 3 parties: The Lover (God) the Beloved (the Bride/Malkuth) and the witnesses. It is probably the most Sufi-like of anything in the Bible. So, basically, the reference is a dry British Masonic attempt to capture the same kind of lover/beloved relationship between Keter (God) and Malkut (mankind) which can more easily be found in the works of Rumi and Hafiz. For example:

Mismatched Newlyweds
- by Hafiz


a pair

of mismatched newlyweds,

one of whom still feels very insecure,

I keep turning to God


"Kiss Me."


The tablet of Shewbread is sort of confusing also. I understand most of it's individual parts, but I'm not putting it together as a whole idea. Further, yod, Heh, Vav, Heh is put together in several different permutations. How were the permutations determined and why put next to particular astrological signs?


Each of those permutations of YHVH are used as the Divine name of that Zodiacal sign. I’m not sure their origin before the Golden Dawn. The pattern can be found with the following three rules:

1. Every Cardinal sign’s permutation is YHVH in its normal order, beginning with the letter of the element of the cardinal sign, and wrapping around if need be to finish the word.

2. Every Fixed sign’s permutation is the immediately preceding Cardinal sign with the last 2 letters switched

3. Every Mutable sign’s permutation is the immediately preceding Fixed sign with the final letter moved to the 2nd position, bumping the 2nd and 3rd letters into the 3rd and 4th position.

Why? I’m not sure. But this is where the astrological divine names for the S1 ritual are derived, and several other higher level workings. You are not expected to memorize them. In fact, I never have, but I can appear like I have by knowing the 3 rules I’ve just mentioned.


In several places in the Zelator initiation it refers to Kerubim.The Great Angel sandalphon says ..."I am the left hand of Kerub of the Ark..." also, the Heirophant draws the sing of the "ox" which is the "kerub" of the North. I thought that the Kerubim were in Yesod, not Malkuth and the Ashim were in Malkuth. I guess I'm getting some types of concepts mixed up.


Yeah, it can be confusing. Kerubim is plural for Kerub, "the four Kerubs" are lion man bull and eagle. "The Kerubim of the Arc" are the two golden angels that are on the top of the arc:

Those two angels are Sandalphon and Metatron, who are the Archangels which rule Malkut and Keter, respectively.

In a churchy sense, it’s an order of angels – and, if I’m not mistaken, Satan is from that order of angels, in that context.

And, finally, in a Hallmark™ context, they are very cutesy obnoxious babies ornamenting religious-leaning birthday cards.


Page 12 says that the 7 double letters have two sounds. I only know of 4 double letters that have two sounds: B,V; K,Ch; P,F; and Sh,S. What are the 3 other double letters with two sounds?


Oddly, since Shin is considered a Mother Letter it is not counted as a Double Letter. Tav, Kaph, Peh, Resh, Daleth, Beth, and Gimel are “the double letters” referenced in the Sephir Yetzirah where it talks about the 12 single letters being the zodiac, the 7 doubles being the planets, and the 3 singles being the mothers. I too have had trouble finding another reference to these being the “double letters” other than the Sephir Yetzirah and the Zelator.


Page 17: when the times are ended, He will call the ... and all shall be consumed and become Infinite and Holy. This sounds very Jewish and tends to discredit reincarnation which I strongly believe in. Just a statement of philosophy.


Buddha has also pointed out the value in transcending the wheel of life and death. It may help to think “outside of time”. When *time* has ended (or on that level where it never existed) all that has been created is consumed in the Light, and is made infinite and Holy. That might help.



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