The Pillars, the Trinity, and the Moon

Hi, on page 12 it says that the Hegemon stands between the pillars of Hermes and Solomon. I thought that the pillars are the Pillars of Hermes and the names of the pillars are Seth and Solomon. Also, Is the second pillar spelled/pronounced closer to Yachim or Yoachim?

= “Ya-cheen” (with the ch being not “ch” as in “Charlie” but “ch” as in “Chaunakkah”)

Seth had two pillars, Solomon had two pillars (and named them Yachin and Boaz) and, also, Hermes had two pillars. Thus, the pillars “of Hermes, Seth, and Solomon”.

It says that shaking three times represent Kether, Chokmah and Binah; Love, Truth and Knowledge. What I don't understand is why is it Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Where did the feminine get lost; where is Binah in the last concept?

I would attribute “Father” to Kether or perhaps Chockma, “Son” to Tipharet, and “Holy Spirit” to the Philosophic Mercury which moves through the whole tree. “Son” refers to Adam, who is both male and female.

Of course, in Catholicism “Son” is Jesus, male, and Mary is left out of the Trinity. They call her “Spouse of God” or “Spouse of the Holy Spirit”. Mystically, the Mother would be implied in all 3 aspects of the Trinity – She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Son, and the Daughter of the Father, in the sense of Binah being created and Chockma being the “masculine” aspect, the creator which comes from Kether, which is neither male nor female. In the Catholic model, Mary is supposed to be us – the faithful handmaiden of God – i.e. the Christian and the Church, praying to the Trinity.

Now, Holy Spirit can't be feminine if the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary. At least I don't think so no matter what one thinks about artificial insemination. Should it not be Father, Mother, child as the trilogies of Eqyptian religion: Osiris, Isis and Horus; Ptah, Sekhmet (Hathor in her more gentle form) and Nefertem. There were several other trilogies in Egypt and huge number in other mythos. (Please don't take offense, I know you are Catholic, but this concept of leaving out the Feminine just doesn't ring true for me. Even mystical Judaism includes the Shekinah). (I know, I know, I know - it's a mystery religion based on faith.) You need not try to answer this question.

I’m certainly not offended by criticism of Catholicism. It’s a different model, a different language, a different lesson teaching a different thing. The S1 and S2 are consistent with it: we seek to become our purest, emptiest, highest potential – and when that happens we are like the Mother, the Grail, and we can receive the Holy Spirit from the Father – and when that happens, our Human and Divine nature become one, and we “give birth” to the Son/Sun of Tipharet.

You said that the GD doesn't do much with the phases of the Moon, however I noticed that there is a class in planetary magic.

By that I mean to say there is generally not a lot of, or any of, “it’s a waxing quarter moon, so let’s do this” or “it’s a harvest moon so let’s do that” and we do our Death work closer to October 31st than we do to the first full moon in Scorpio unless, by coincidence, they’re close to one another. We do keep the waxing and waning moon in mind when doing particular kinds of work to bring in or get rid of something – and, yes, a *great* deal of planetary work in the 2nd Order – but, honestly, the planetary work we do can be done with or without consulting the stars. It gives it an extra punch when we consult the stars, but it is not necessary. That being said, there are times when we’ll do certain kinds of planetary talisman work and will insist on doing it not only on the correct planetary hour and day, but with favorable aspects – which might delay a talisman consecration by several months, but that scenario doesn’t come up very often.

Therefore, I assume that you guys do magic according to the correspondence of the hours, days, etc of the planets. For instance, Monday is Moon day so the first hour as the Sun reaches the horizon is Moon, the second hour is Saturn, third is Jupiter, fourth is Mars, etc. Do you guys follow this pattern?

Yes, though honestly I personally put very little value in it. I have much experience invoking whatever planet I need to invoke without taking those things in mind. To me, it leans a little bit away from magic and toward superstition, if there is a difference, but I’m familiar with it and we do use it in the Order.

I've had some positive results when I put my heart and soul into it.

That’s the key.



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