The Rainbow Banana Band Sphere

The purpose of The Rainbow Banana Band Sphere Method is to empower the magician with a greater familiarity with the placement of the planets in the sky, for purposes of talisman placement on an Enochian table or for purposes of more effectively drawing in a planetary ray (i.e. the SIRH) without using a computer.

All you will need is a watch or clock, and one of those pocket-astrologer-calendars, to know about where the planets are.

If you vaguely pay attention to about when the sun rises and sets by looking at a newspaper or website every so often throughout the year, and mentally adjust for daylight savings time, if you have that in your area, then you will be able to tell someone their rising sign, based on their birth date and time, with near one hundred percent accuracy, without need of a computer (or need even of a pocket astrologer calendar).

It starts by facing south.

But firstly, a disclaimer:

Well two disclaimers. First, the planets in the illustration at the top of this post are according to their corresponding Sephora's Queen Scale color - if I were to do that today I'd use the King Scale of the planet itself, like this:

Secondly - with some practice, using this method, you will, knowing only the present date and time, be able to determine, without aid, in which direction a Tropical astrological sign is (or in which direction on a 2 dimensional circle around you on the ground, as in a temple utilizing south as up and north and down, east as east and west as west)

That is exactly what you will be able to do. What I’m getting at is that it very much over simplified. This way, one can *actually* wrap one’s mind around it, with some practice.

In reality, the Earth, with its oscillating oval of an orbit and its wobbling tilted rotation, is much more complex than this method assumes. In order to actually mentally calculate the *exact* point, or location, on the sphere around your particular location, your sphere of sensation, on the surface of this planet, using reason as opposed to some sixth sense or intuition or, perhaps, some finely tuned sense of electromagnetism, there would be many more mental calculations including, but not limited to, where you are on the earth's longitude, how far to the east and west are the edges of your time zone (not to mention the bizarre way that many of them are drawn, being based a good deal more on geography and politics than on mathematics or time) et cetera.

So, in the end, you’ll know for sure what house what sign is in and, if you have the pocket astrologer, what house each planet is in, at any given time. That and, if you go outside on a clear night and look back and forth along the banana band you’re visualizing, you’ll be able to locate any planets that aren’t obscured by clouds, haze, pollution, trees, or the Earth, without any ghost of a notion what stars or constellations you’re looking at.

And it all starts by facing south:

There is a clock in the south. As you face directly to the single point on the horizon which is due south, you are looking directly at the center of the clock.

Which brings up another point… the vast majority of the time, due north is not anywhere on the horizon. It is exactly where Polaris is. In that hypothetical “advanced” banana band sphere method in which you’d be able to pinpoint the exact locations of the planets, you would need to keep that in mind… and true south would be in the exact opposite direction on your personal sphere as Polaris. If you live north of the equator, Polaris will usually be above the horizon, day or night, and true south would be below the horizon.

But, don’t worry about that right now. If you can see Polaris, look at the ground directly under it. We’ll say that’s north. That’s what a compass would say, anyway… basically. Now turn around and face the point on the horizon in exactly the opposite direction. Let say, that’s South.

Oh, that’s grid south… rotational south, not magnetic south. That wobbles. Don’t worry about it.

Now: that’s where the clock is. Specifically, that’s where the *very center* of the clock is. Keep facing the clock.

Okay, now lets pretend we’re on the equator at dawn on spring equinox. This is important. In fact, every time you use this method, you’re basically assuming you’re on the equator. And, also, that you’re in the center of your time zone.

Now, as you face due south at dawn on the spring equinox on the equator, know that the whole hour (of the image of the clock in the south) of 8:00, from 8:00 to 8:59, as it would be indicated by an hour hand on this clock, is the sign of Aries. This is because today is the first day of spring, and the sun is rising. The sun is moving from the end of Pisces into the beginning of Aries. If the hour hand were to point to 9:00, is would be pointing *directly* at the sun.

As the day progresses, and the world turns, the sun will rise from 9:00 to 10:00. With it, the whole zodiacal wheel turns. The signs rise one after another, therefore Taurus is in the 7:00 hour of this particular clock you are facing. As the planets and the zodiac turn, the houses stay right where they are. The first house is always where the 8:00 hour is on this clock, the second in the 7:00 hour and so on.

Now, mentally fill in the corresponding colors of these hours (signs):

This may help you to visualize it. (note: this method can also be used using sound, rather than light, using the Golden Dawn correspondences: C=red, C#-red-orange, and so on. The only mental leap need be that the B at the top of the octave transitions upward into the C of the *same octave* and not a higher one.)

Now that you’re visualizing all of that, imagine 12 lines traced from due south, the center of the clock, to each of the 12 numbers, and allow these lines to continue outard tracing the edge of your sphere of sensation…. all the way around until they meet directly behind you (or, if you’re a pro, they meet at Polaris).

If you turn around and face north, you’ll see where the lines come together into a backward clock… 12 and 6 are in the same place, but 9 is where 3 should be and vice versa. Don’t worry about that right now. Now face east.

As you look to the horizon you’ll see that the horizon itself is the 9:00 line. Above that, the 10:00 line arcs across the sky… (or the big rubber ball you’re in that’s exactly twice the height of your eye-level, if you’d like)

Go ahead and fill that banana-shaped band, which meets directly on your right (south) and directly to your left (north) with the color crimson, or red-purple.

The crimson (red-purple) band is there in front of you, above the 10:00 line… (if you forgot where that is, just look to your right at the clock). Above that line is the purple band, which extends from 1/3 of the way up toward zenith to 2/3 of the way: the 11:00 line. Above that, the indigo band, which goes up to the 12:00 band. From there, you should be able to fill in the rest. As the sky turns, these colors rise. So… it’s 8am on spring equinox on the equator. Now, if the colors indicate the signs and not the houses, than that band which, before, was (red-purple) is now red. Okay now it’s 10am: that same band is red-orange. If you need to know where Scorpio is, at 10am on spring equinox, turn around and face west. See? Just below the horizon, stretching from the 3:00 line to the 4:00 line. If you forget where those are, turn to your left (south) and see the clock.

While this may not have sunk in just yet in one reading, with some practice, and perhaps with the aid of having all this presented in a lecture or workshop, you will be able to answer all of the following questions:

1. What is today’s date?

2. What time is it?

3. What sign is rising right now?

4. Where is Taurus? Libra? Capricorn? All of the others?

5. If Saturn is 2 degrees Virgo, Jupiter is 22 degrees Capricorn, Mars is 6 degrees Leo, the Sun is 1 degree Gemini, Venus is 26 degrees Taurus, Mercury is 20 degrees Gemini, and Luna is 24 degrees Sagittarius, than trace 7 lines with your finger in the sky, extending from north to south, knowing with absolute confidence that the 7 planets are, at this very moment, located somewhere on those 7 lines you have just drawn, give or take 7.5 degrees depending how far east or west you are from your neighboring time zones.

Your Brother in Light,


  1. Holy crap, this is awesome. I'm all for accuracy, and I do love my computerized astrological gadgets, but the sheer practicality of this is what makes this so exciting. I really don't see it taking too long for someone to get this down second-nature.

    Thanks for sharing, brother.


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