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C.R.C. in Damascus

Our 5=6 Initiation, as well as the Fama Fraternitatis from which some of the 5=6 Initiation is derived, raises many questions. Among them:

Is this to be taken literally or figuratively?

How much of it is figurative and how much is literal?

Is this the partially remembered and partially embellished, and perhaps
intentionally obscured, account of actual events?

I have no intention of answering any of these questions. What I want to present to you in this post is one possible answer to some aspects of these questions.

For one thing, circumstantial evidence points to a strong possibility that Brother Christian Rosenkreutz was allegorically the famous historic Johannas Trithemius, known to some as “The Benedictine Abbot” and to others as “The Father of the Western Mystery Tradition”. Now of course Johannas was born in 1462, not 1378, but both were poor German nobility who learned Greek and Latin and became monks and practiced the Magic of Light, Angelic Magic, and had students in secr…

The Rainbow Banana Band Sphere

The purpose of The Rainbow Banana Band Sphere Method is to empower the magician with a greater familiarity with the placement of the planets in the sky, for purposes of talisman placement on an Enochian table or for purposes of more effectively drawing in a planetary ray (i.e. the SIRH) without using a computer.

All you will need is a watch or clock, and one of those pocket-astrologer-calendars, to know about where the planets are.

If you vaguely pay attention to about when the sun rises and sets by looking at a newspaper or website every so often throughout the year, and mentally adjust for daylight savings time, if you have that in your area, then you will be able to tell someone their rising sign, based on their birth date and time, with near one hundred percent accuracy, without need of a computer (or need even of a pocket astrologer calendar).

It starts by facing south.

But firstly, a disclaimer:

Well two disclaimers. First, the planets in the illustration at the top of this post …