Two Months Later


So, after hearing a great deal of "so... how ya holdin' up?" and such, I asked an old friend a few minutes ago: why do people keep asking me that like I have leprosy? (by the way, I mean no offense to anyone out there who may have leprosy and I hope you'll forgive my usage of the term in this context.)

My friend replied, "well... you still work closely with Zink? That would be why people ask you that way."

So, just to clear that up - it may be the way I wrote some previous posts, I don't know, or it may be assumptions made and bounced around within a closed group, which is a phenomenon I'm quite familiar with actually. So here we go:

Firstly: no, I do not work at all with Zink.

Secondly: The turmoil I was going through in earlier posts here was not simply turmoil resulting from working with him - I went through a great deal of turmoil from about June of '10 to March of '11 in that I agreed with the position of the many who eventaully left, while I myself always knew that I was going to stay. Hence, I was on the phone with him every day trying to work out a way to hold it all together, and was very angry with him when it became clear that it wasn't worth the effort to him. It's the turmoil of a child watching his parents split up, or more like a man watching his family split up. Now that divorce is final, and visiting rights have been worked out - that turmoil has ended.

My wife and I are actively working with the Temple of Isis, and I'm still maintaining the precedent that a member of our Order need not have anything to do with Robert.

I have to say, It's been much nicer since the times of all the internal strife has ended, and I'm very grateful to have not heard much mention of Robert's name in some time (with the exception of just about every time I talk to someone who left at the Equinox)

I'm hoping that everyone will be able to move on and be happy now that you've claimed what it was you've been asking for all this time (an Order just like the one you were in, only without PDR) and that those who left because they couldn't be in the same group as the man will have a place to go back to, as it were, to practice. I am glad that there are now two Orders in the world which I can personally vouch for are good places to receive training as a Golden Dawn practitioner. These are all good things.

As for me, it's good to work with a group of people I am certain I will still be working with years down the road, since they've shown where their loyalties are by standing fast when everyone else left. It's an excellent group here at Isis, and I enjoy every minute of it, and am very happy to see where it goes.

You all know, and you always knew, that I was never going to leave TDL and Isis behind. I do not need to make you wrong about your decision in order to feel right about my decision, on the contrary - I firmly believe you are all right in your decision - and I am cheering you on, as I said I would. I also am not allowing people here at Isis to throw it all into a light where we're right and your wrong - pointing out that if AA or ICL came to my house I would let them in and make them food, and that if PDR came I would ask him to leave. (that usually shuts 'em up)

Anyhow, that's all. Just wanted you to know that FSM and I are doing very well, and Isis is doing very well, and without all the infighting the vibe hasn't been this good here since before most of your times.

I'm always glad to hear from every one of you, and I hope you all are well, and I'm certain that you are - now please stop mourning for me for God's sake. ;)

Your Brother in Light Always,


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