from Schism and History

From schism and history, do you think the occult knowledge and practice is decreasing?


On the contrary – I feel it’s increasing.

Consider – how many priests of old Egypt were familiar with the practice of taking on godforms and providing initiations – and how few people were of the royal family or could afford to learn the magic known by so few and wondered at by so many?

A few hundred years ago there were relatively many initiates passing on secret knowledge in Europe and Arabia, compared to those earlier days.

Then things transformed quite a bit after England threw off the Catholic Church, and the Masons were allowed to practice openly, for example.

Today, regardless of politics, there are far more individual human beings having the “AHA!” moment on various levels and tapping into those truths which mankind has been feebly attempting to pass on in their own corroded mercury kind of way.

All of these words and symbols and Orders are external forms and practices intended to bring the individual, the initiate, into a personal contact with the Greater Truth of which the wise throughout the ages have been able to ascertain glimpses and to teach others about those glimpses in various ways.

It’s not about the glimpses – nor is it about who told someone who told someone else, or who Saint Peter patted on the head to be the next voice of God on earth – all of these worldly forms and metaphors can either help or hinder one from achieving the Great Work.

Also, as far as Orders and Schisms go – there is a great deal of shared knowledge and shared epiphany between individuals and initiates of various kinds through word, art, music, and so on – just as there was centuries ago, and more-so.

One might open up to it all and find brotherhood and community throughout the past, present and future, another might close off to it and pretend everyone in the world is wrong except for their guru.

Just a few thoughts for now. Have a great day, brother.


(p.s. - Happy Birthday R.V.!!!)


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