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from Schism and History

From schism and history, do you think the occult knowledge and practice is decreasing?


On the contrary – I feel it’s increasing.

Consider – how many priests of old Egypt were familiar with the practice of taking on godforms and providing initiations – and how few people were of the royal family or could afford to learn the magic known by so few and wondered at by so many?

A few hundred years ago there were relatively many initiates passing on secret knowledge in Europe and Arabia, compared to those earlier days.

Then things transformed quite a bit after England threw off the Catholic Church, and the Masons were allowed to practice openly, for example.

Today, regardless of politics, there are far more individual human beings having the “AHA!” moment on various levels and tapping into those truths which mankind has been feebly attempting to pass on in their own corroded mercury kind of way.

All of these words and symbols and Orders are external forms and practices intended to …

Two Months Later


So, after hearing a great deal of "so... how ya holdin' up?" and such, I asked an old friend a few minutes ago: why do people keep asking me that like I have leprosy? (by the way, I mean no offense to anyone out there who may have leprosy and I hope you'll forgive my usage of the term in this context.)

My friend replied, "well... you still work closely with Zink? That would be why people ask you that way."

So, just to clear that up - it may be the way I wrote some previous posts, I don't know, or it may be assumptions made and bounced around within a closed group, which is a phenomenon I'm quite familiar with actually. So here we go:

Firstly: no, I do not work at all with Zink.

Secondly: The turmoil I was going through in earlier posts here was not simply turmoil resulting from working with him - I went through a great deal of turmoil from about June of '10 to March of '11 in that I agreed with the position of the many who eventa…