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After quite a bit of meditation on the matter, I’m finding it hard to accept that now we are just “Edward” and “Armand” to each other (i.e., “just” friends). You were my brother and my mentor/proctor for a long time – how do I just stop being someone’s brother? And, as I understand it, “Frater BT” and “Frater XYZ” represent something higher than our ego-selves. If this is true, how can I, “Armand”, declare that that fraternity no longer exists? I get that I may not append the “GH” to the beginning anymore but, if it’s OK with you, I would still like to address you as “Frater BT” when occasion calls for it (and “Edward” when it doesn’t). Is that OK?

Also, I thought you’d like to know that I discovered your blog yesterday and it inspired me to post the following on the (CSS) Forum:

Although we have moved on, I would like to say that we should remember our brothers and sisters who have remained behind and are trying to protect new Neophytes from Robert's vampirism. I would l…

answering 2 letters at once

Greetings brother,

Hope u are doing ok.
Not too bad, thanks. :)

I have to say this to someone... how can RZ be agreeing to zero contact with the outer order and at the same time promote power week on the public forum?

He also has the gall to post about light and Rosicrucian values without any repenting, without any effort to repay all the members he took money from, without any letters of apology to all the people he has insulted and damaged throughout the years.

From what I can gather the answer to both questions has to do with machismo and attention. Directly and indirectly. There was also something about how when you're putting someone into a trance, you're supposed to push and pull at the same time. In other words.... It's hot! it's cold! hot-cold! cold-hot! now your mind belongs to me. See how that works? or doesn't work? or neitherboth?

So, yeah, the "not talking to anyone in the outer" which was "voluntary" (which …