Rabid Revolutionaries of the Golden Dawn vs. Entrenched Scumbag Gangters of the Golden Dawn


So I've just heard the news: The mob I love so dearly which consists of one of my best friends and long time mentors, VH Frater ICL on the horse out in front with his flaming sword held high, and the rest of the Second Order riding in behind, have voted and decided: They will throw GH Frater TDL out of the Order, if he won't do as he is told. Specifically, they are demanding that TDL make sure that Robert Zink does not receive any money from the EOGD at all.

The situation is this: Robert Zink still owns the website http://esotericgoldendawn.com , and people still apply for membership into the EOGD there. When they do, Robert Zink calls and collects $149 from them (or however much he decides to collect at the moment) and says "you'll be initiated at the next neophyte at the Temple of Isis" and then proceeds to sell them whatever else he thinks he might be able to sell them. Then, out of a sense of not wanting to appear utterly unprofessional, we've been initiating them here at Isis.

Meanwhile, TDL has been doing everything he can to get PDR to sign the website over to his name, so that we might process the applicants in house at Isis, so that the names and phone numbers and credit card numbers of applicants do not go to PDR. This process has been slow-going, so they're going to throw TDL out.

Robert's website is still there, of course, and people are still applying on it, but I guess now they won't get initiated into Isis and receive mentors in the Order but, instead, their information will be the sole property of PDR. Good move, guys.

You see, back in November of 2002, I believe it was, Robert announced to the Second Order that he would now be the "full time viceroy" of the Order, and would therefore be collecting every cent of dues and fees from all the correspondence members of the Order. Then, when that wasn't enough, he would call one of the Chiefs of the Temple of Isis at the time, and tell them what emergency it was he needed money for, and money would be sent to him from the Temple's funds as well. This went on for years. When it came time to pay the Temple rent, or have the lights turned back on, or whatever, calls would go around, people in the Second would all pitch in, and usually it was GH Frater TDL and VH Frater ICL who would pay the most toward rent, since they made a bit more money than the others from their real-world jobs.

Then came times of uproar. Robert fucked the wrong people, threw the wrong people out of the Order (because they knew about his having fucked those people, because he told them, and they didn't tell his wife, then when it all came out his wife demanded that he throw that individual out of the Order) and various things like this, along with all the other crap with taking money from people and all that.

Anyway, most of the Second Order was pretty pissed off at this time, so at Corpus Christi 2009 Robert appointed 5 "Chiefs of the Second Order", hoping that would help. The Imperators of the Temples (of which there were 3 at the time) were appointed Chiefs, GH Frater TDL was pointed *THE* Chief, and myself and VH Frater ICL were appointed as co-chiefs who's task was to assist GH Frater TDL in his role as Chief of the Second Order. The whole group of 5 were then supposed to be considered "The Chiefs of the Second Order", and Robert declared that he himself would basically retire, go into the background, and act as a "Chief Advisor" to any of the Chiefs who wanted to consult him for advice.

Now, as you might have guessed, this was short-lived. By the following "Power Week" Robert announced that the Third Order (the invisible one that only Robert talks to) had made him "The Chief Magus" which is a new position that is above all the Chief Adepts. Then, later, like December of '09, a conference call and an email outlined the rules for how the whole Chiefs thing would work. It worked like this: Robert has veto power, but the Chiefs call the shots, except what Robert does. And, if Robert, TDL, and one other Chief says "we'll do this" that trumped the other Chiefs. After some resigned and disgruntled mutterings, that proposal was left hanging without any signatures on it.

Anyway, since then there has been all kinds of uproar. I found myself in the unenviable position of being on the phone with Robert every day talking about every little detail of every little thing that was going on, for seven months. My intention was to be like Daniel with Nebuchadnezzar or Joseph with the Pharoah - that is, to be the mercurial figure whispering good ideas to the dictator, hoping that would have some positive impact on the way things were going.

So, eventually it dawned on me.... I'm 32 now, and I'm recently married - very happy with my life. So, why am I miserable? The solution came to me with a great joy, and I texted TDL to tell him I'm sorry, but I just can't deal with Robert anymore. So, I stopped taking his calls, and stopped answering his messages. I felt like I'd spent way too much time and energy dealing with his BS over the past 10 years or so, and I’d like to start living my own life now.

The next day, ICL was moved by a contact with the "Third Order" (clearly not the same as Robert's "Third Order") to call everyone and ask them "do you agree that the accusations are true? do you agree that Robert should be taken out of contact with the Outer? do you agree that he should be thrown out of the Order?" and to post what he posted a couple weeks ago based on what people said.

So, amidst all the celebration, I couldn't quite celebrate, as I was too busy waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was, however, moved to dig up a picture I made about 10 years ago when I was pissed off at Robert for something:

…which is currently being turned into buttons and tee-shirts for everyone in the Order who wants one. The border is straight from the seal Thomas Jefferson sketched to propose as the new "Great Seal" after the revolution. Of course, it was rejected in favor of the Imperial Eagle of Rome, lol. So, I'm hoping it will really catch on, so people can use it against the next Tyrant that comes along.

What's the point, Frater BT? Why are you writing all this?

Here's why. As of last night, it has been decided by the unanimous consent of everyone in the Second Order except for TDL, DN, DN, P and myself, that the Chief Adept, GH Frater TDL (who contributes more money out of pocket to keeping Isis afloat than any of us), should be thrown out of the Order if he does not stop initiating people who applied and paid through PDR's site.

All of this in the middle of TDL's convincing PDR to sign the website over to Isis with the understanding that we will still be sending the initial fee for correspondence members to Robert in the form of a check, since Robert did spend 30 years being the Chief scumbag of the EOGD rather than building up any pension or career or anything, and he's a bit old to start one, but a bit young to collect Social Security. This is why they are throwing out one of my favorite people. The person I would consider my teacher more than anyone else including ICL and PDR. They will throw TDL out if he doesn't bend to the will of the newly voted on democratic way of doing things. Which he won't. And, so, they have decided they'll change the locks, and get a restraining Order on TDL if he doesn't agree. Which he won't.

And I have been doing this for 17 years. Neophytes, I was Kerux for the first time in 1998, and I am Kerux today. I've taught classes once, sometimes three times a week, for years and years and years.

This has been my passion.

But if you assholes throw TDL out, I'm leaving.

And that is the saddest thing I've ever had to say.

Throwing Robert out for being a total scum-bag I understand, that makes sense. Throwing TDL out for his MERCY for God's sake is absurd. What's next?

Seriously - When Kali or Sekhmet had slain all the demons, do you remember what happened? They were so full of self-righteous rage they turned on the human race as well. Call Robert a demon if you want to, I'll shrug and neither agree nor disagree. But not only is TDL a human - he is one of the only truly humble and holy people I've had the privilege of knowing.

He is the reluctant leader. He never wanted to lead, but Robert forced him to. And these past 16 years TDL has been a great Imperator, worthy of the name "Imperator" (look it up). And you're going to throw him out for insisting that Robert gets a paycheck for doing nothing but going away.

If you all succeed, I will miss the Order. I will rest assured that, hopefully, the Order will be better off than it was before.

Yours in Love, Truth, Knowledge (and total transparency)
VH Frater BT
Cancellarius of the Grand Temple of Isis
(2006 to present day)


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