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Hey Frater,

What is going on the EOGD? TDL sending those letters about 2012 and from the looks of the letter using fear mongering to collect monies. I know that all of the Orders are always at each other throats (not very enlightened) but it sounds like you guys are falling apart at the seams. Can you please explain to me if the chiefs of all these orders claim that they have mastered this system of magic and can commune with the Ascended Masters, how is it possible that there is so much poverty, power struggle, hypocrisy, and strife when connection to the divine only brings abundance, peace, wisdom, and truth?

I originally left the order before everyone else of my time, because of all the ...for lack of a better word BULLSHIT... that I saw everyday occurring at the temple, especially from the guidance and teachings and energy of a currently fallen leader and also because of a temple member that was grading up faster than everyone else because she was having her way with one of the Chiefs of the order, with a bullshit excuse that she was meant for the light, when in truth its because she opened her lotus flower to his wand.

Please note that I send love, peace, and prosperity to both the temple, its people, and its former members wishing them worlds of good things, and that I do not hold a grudge. What I am asking is for truth, because I have one of the most dangerous mouths in existence and will put every single person in check and more. If I am lied or bullshitted and I do not want to bring this energy into anyones round of existence. If you guys are putting out fires, and know there is corruption and/or are falling apart tell me now because you do not want me there.

Again please forgive my brutal honesty and my rough approach to this but I wish to keep the peace and beauty both in the EOGD world and mine.

Many blessings


Ave Frater,

Probably not the right time then :) I've said my piece on the subject, and will continue to, at http://fraterfrancesco.blogspot.com/ - after 17 years of varying degrees of saturation in my soul with order bullshit, its not the sort of thing I like thinking about.

I hear you asking me to dissect it all for you. I don't know where to begin. I dont know why to begin. If you have a specific question let me know and ill do my best.



Thank you, I don't need to know or do I want to know the gossip or details, as I believe those things are petty and lowly. I do appreciate your honestly.

Please note that I don't believe the Order is bullshit but rather the drama created by its people.

I was coming back to the order because I wanted to complete my education but I asked for a sign from god if it was the right thing to do and he has answered.

Please forgive me if I have offended you or anyone else it was not my intention.


if you want, I can get you in touch with all those who left to form a PDR-free order. It's still possible to pursue the GD here, but only with a high BS tolerance. Or a twisted transcendental sense of humor like I've got.

Much love


Thank You, but I will pass. I do not care about PDR being there or not, I am NOT one of those people that wanted to join back because he is gone. I wanted to complete my alchemy, If he is present or not I don't care. I actually wish him well, that the light of love and peace shines upon him day and night every where he goes. And I hope my prayers are heard that about Isis temple being prosperous. But I have come to the conclusion that I want to stay away from all the orders until they come to reach their supposed divinity. Thanks though.

This sounds like what happened to the Roman Empire.

Such sadness :(


It does resemble the great schism of 1000 AD, surely. the same old Caesar vs the Republic struggle. Seems like an unsolvable dilema like why is the sky blue or why are relationships hard. some unsolvable paradox.

they're all still my best of friends. and it's prompted me to reach out to a lot of other people i've missed. there's still a "real" order that the dirty hands of human egos can't touch. it's the one we keep trying to create or immitate, and failing miserably. we're all brothers and sisters in the great empire of light, regardless of what it all looks like down here on earth. that's how i think of it, anyway. it helps, then it's not so sad. that and we're all immortal, have always and will always know each other. this is just, like, play time. pretending time. pretending to be temporal. same old story, what goes around comes around.

Battlestar Esoterica - the saga will continue.

It's important to turn off the show and go outside though.

Often. :)

much love


Words of Wisdom :)

Have a good one.


  1. Care Frater BT,
    It saddens me when I hear people like this say things like the Golden Dawn orders are always at one another's throats. This is simply not true. All of the strife stirring has been coming from PDR, Robert Zink, all along. This has become extremely apparent in recent weeks as Robert is on the attack again on his Wordpress Golden Dawn blog.
    He is republishing his old articles attacking the HOGD/AO there, but with an important difference. Now he is attacking the "other" EOGD as well.
    The time has come for the entire Golden Dawn community to wake up and realize that all of this infighting has been coming from Robert all along, as he is trying to stir yet once again now.
    David Griffin

  2. Hey David,

    Your recent "Sideshow Bob" post seemed to be something you enjoyed writing, but to what end?

    To infuriate Robert's pride so that he wouldn't take a paycheck to go away quietly?

    Tormenting his ego until he insisted upon showing up at Equinox to prove you wrong and, thus, breaking up what I've long considered to be my Spritual Family?

    If that was your goal, well done.

    I'm not mad. Just a little frustrated with it all.

    The thing is, if you were to say to me "love is the answer" or "blessed be" or something I'd be glad to say, "right on, David, I agree!"

    But since what you're the head of another GD Order and you're saying "see?? I was right the whole time and he was wrong!" and, now you've brought that shpeal to my blog, I feel compelled to point out that... well...

    The thing is, you might remember in 1996 or so there was a stubborn Sanctuary in Los Angeles who refused to change their name to "Morning Star" even after Temple Isis Mighty Mother did. You may also remember the kinds of emails you wrote to "Nephthys" and "Pan777" who ran that L.A. Sanctuary. I rememeber too.

    It's water under the bridge, really, I'm not holding a grudge about it anymore, it's just that it's clear to just about anyone who's paying attention that your wanting to say "Robert did it all, and I was innocent the whole time" is not coming from a place of pure unbiased reason, nor is it without a very obvious ulterior motive.

    And also... this all just kind of isn't about you right now.

    I know he's posting bullshit. By all means, post bullshit back at him. Or don't - It's just him and the crickets over there right now so I think if I were in your shoes I'd just ignore him at this point.

    In the meantime, I'll keep doin what I'm doin at Isis, you keep doin what you're doin with HOGD. Robert'll keep being Robert, no doubt. One day we'll all be gone, and hopefully we'll have left something useful behind for those who come after us.

    I wish you much Love and Serenity.

    Frater BT


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