Cat Healing

Ave Frater,

I've been reading about some healing work by Regardie, but it seems to be only healing for other people... Can you use GD healing work for a cat?


Hi Soror! :)

Okay, let’s see... Basically the first thing is that we can only elevate others up to where we are – and we can only heal others as much as we can heal ourselves (in the context of this method). The cool thing is, though, that the desire to heal another is often a stronger motivation to become healed than the desire to be healed alone.

So, that being said, here’s the quickest way I can think of to get to it:

LBRP, BRH, Middle Pillar – but let all the sephirot of the middle pillar be a rose pink, for the king scale of Tipharet, and vibrate each of the divine names 6 times. Circulate the rose pink light out into the egg-shaped aura around you, releasing all fears or bad vibes of any kind – or even expectations about the results of the work – into the ground. Once you feel you’re totally lit up in this rose-pink light, let the lotus of Isis close around your aura. From there you can begin the healing work.

Simply holding or touching the cat, allow your light to extend into his/her aura and body. Let it flow from your Keter, through your Tipharet, and out to the cat through your solar plexus and your palms.

Once you feel the light is surrounding and within the cat, then, with prayer and intension, allow the light to continue to pour into the cat, but from the cat’s own divine source, from his/her own Keter sphere. You can use visualization to key into the idea of the cat’s “true body” as it were, or Briatic self, allowing the light from Keter to flow down through the Briah cat, down into Yetzira becoming the image of the astral cat, down to the physical, allowing the physical to be a more true reflection of the Briah cat. It’s the same way with healing a person. In this method anyway.

Once you’re satisfied with the work you’ve done, just draw a rose cross over the cat and perform the sign of silence, intending for the divine light to continue to heal him/her in the name of Yeheshua.

Then repeat tomorrow. :)

There’s also a ritual, S2, that I’ll dig up for you – it’s good for getting into a state of being able to perform very powerful healing.

Much love,


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