a brief note for today


Many of the Second have wished to make it known and clear that the original "news" I had heard was not accurate - the so-called "unanimous vote" to expel TDL never happened.

Expulsion was suggested as an option, and a few were gunning for really laying that threat down, but most of those who were present for that call (which I was not) did not wish to consider that option, since they feel the same way about TDL as I do, unless it was a very last resort to keep the Order safe from Robert.

When I heard the inaccurate news Thursday morning, I felt sadness and relief, and I could see in my mind the exodus that would occur if TDL were expelled, which included the dear old friend on the phone telling me the news as he'd heard it.

I called my wife to tell her the news, that the Order was going away, and she cried. This was why I wrote the blog post - a little half cocked - but I'm glad I did because I think it gave a little more dimension and clarity to the situation than most people had before, and perhaps played it's part in bringing things toward a resolution.

Another old friend of mine, who left 2001 when he caught Robert in a big lie, saw my March 3rd post and wrote me after 10 years of silence between us, only to say "it breaks my heart that the second order would move to throw TDL out."

So, I don't want anyone to think badly of them - everyone involved is acting based on their sense of what is right.

Okay, enough politics. My next post will be about Magic, I assure you.

Have a great day.



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