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letters from an old friend

Hey Frater,

What is going on the EOGD? TDL sending those letters about 2012 and from the looks of the letter using fear mongering to collect monies. I know that all of the Orders are always at each other throats (not very enlightened) but it sounds like you guys are falling apart at the seams. Can you please explain to me if the chiefs of all these orders claim that they have mastered this system of magic and can commune with the Ascended Masters, how is it possible that there is so much poverty, power struggle, hypocrisy, and strife when connection to the divine only brings abundance, peace, wisdom, and truth?

I originally left the order before everyone else of my time, because of all the ...for lack of a better word BULLSHIT... that I saw everyday occurring at the temple, especially from the guidance and teachings and energy of a currently fallen leader and also because of a temple member that was grading up faster than everyone else because she was having her way with one of the Ch…

"don't give that man your credit card number" (battlestar esoterica, season 146.5 epidode 17, season finale)

So for those of you who recently rejoined the Temple of Isis because you were overjoyed that PDR is out, you may want to resign from Isis and join Ptah now. They're good people. I've got something I've gotta do here at Isis.

If you want my advice, I'd say to make the choice that will bring you the most happiness.

Wish me luck.

More later.

Frater B.T.

Cat Healing

Ave Frater,

I've been reading about some healing work by Regardie, but it seems to be only healing for other people... Can you use GD healing work for a cat?

Hi Soror! :)

Okay, let’s see... Basically the first thing is that we can only elevate others up to where we are – and we can only heal others as much as we can heal ourselves (in the context of this method). The cool thing is, though, that the desire to heal another is often a stronger motivation to become healed than the desire to be healed alone.

So, that being said, here’s the quickest way I can think of to get to it:

LBRP, BRH, Middle Pillar – but let all the sephirot of the middle pillar be a rose pink, for the king scale of Tipharet, and vibrate each of the divine names 6 times. Circulate the rose pink light out into the egg-shaped aura around you, releasing all fears or bad vibes of any kind – or even expectations about the results of the work – into the ground. Once you feel you’re totally lit up in this rose-pink…

a brief note for today


Many of the Second have wished to make it known and clear that the original "news" I had heard was not accurate - the so-called "unanimous vote" to expel TDL never happened.

Expulsion was suggested as an option, and a few were gunning for really laying that threat down, but most of those who were present for that call (which I was not) did not wish to consider that option, since they feel the same way about TDL as I do, unless it was a very last resort to keep the Order safe from Robert.

When I heard the inaccurate news Thursday morning, I felt sadness and relief, and I could see in my mind the exodus that would occur if TDL were expelled, which included the dear old friend on the phone telling me the news as he'd heard it.

I called my wife to tell her the news, that the Order was going away, and she cried. This was why I wrote the blog post - a little half cocked - but I'm glad I did because I think it gave a little more dimension and clarity t…

"a new hope" (battlestar esoterica, season 146.5 episode 3)

I just had a very good conversation. Come to think of it, it was the very first conversation between TDL, ICL, AA, SI, IC and myself.... ever. And we all felt it went well.

But words are words and actions are actions, and I don't want to get everyone's hopes up, or spoil any surprises (and I'm enough of a nerd to keep you in suspense, it being a "secret order" and all). The inner will find out Wednesday, and as things unfold... well... lets all just wait and see.

Oh, and, students of ICL, no need to be afraid, I just wanted to share a great mental image. Excellent teacher and he's not yelling... he's just really excited. :)

Have a great night, everyone

yours, BT

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad

Rabid Revolutionaries of the Golden Dawn vs. Entrenched Scumbag Gangters of the Golden Dawn


So I've just heard the news: The mob I love so dearly which consists of one of my best friends and long time mentors, VH Frater ICL on the horse out in front with his flaming sword held high, and the rest of the Second Order riding in behind, have voted and decided: They will throw GH Frater TDL out of the Order, if he won't do as he is told. Specifically, they are demanding that TDL make sure that Robert Zink does not receive any money from the EOGD at all.

The situation is this: Robert Zink still owns the website , and people still apply for membership into the EOGD there. When they do, Robert Zink calls and collects $149 from them (or however much he decides to collect at the moment) and says "you'll be initiated at the next neophyte at the Temple of Isis" and then proceeds to sell them whatever else he thinks he might be able to sell them. Then, out of a sense of not wanting to appear utterly unprofessional, we've …