The Astral Shield

Ave Frater,

As I completed astral shield, I wondered just what aspects of protection does it impart. Should I understand the ritual literally, or is it more far-reaching than that.

Light and love

Good Morning Soror! :)

I would say both. Literally and it's much more far reaching. and, as with everything, you get out of it what you put into it. Invoking Divine Air to protect from evil and unbalanced air is incredibly far reaching, considering Air in its various aspects is the center of the Tree and the center of the Soul. In Hebrew "Ruach" refers to both Spirit and Air, and the whole personality on the Tree of Life. Getting all of that in alignment, and Willing it to protect against unbalanced air will allow you to vibrate on a level where the corrupted forms of thought can't touch you.

As always, the circle can only be broken from within - and vampires can't enter your home unless you invite them. Therefore, you can break down your own wall of protection if you choose to. You'll know, deep down if not right on the surface, when you're doing it - if thoughts become circular, and tend toward the negative. If you're around someone who's thoughts tend toward the "evil and unbalanced" it may help to recall the wall of Air you invoked in the Astral Shield, so that you do not accidently allow that person's thought-cycles to become your own.

A wall of Divine Fire holding back unbalanced Fire - Primal Fire is akin to the Supernals, while Astral Fire is akin to Netzack. Overall, Fire creates and destroys, refines, regenerates, and so on. Fire can be Martian, or Venusian, or Solar. Getting in touch with Divine Fire, in all of its aspects, and Willing a wall of Divine Fire to protect against unbalanced fire will allow you to have the strength, courage, and fortitude to deal with unbalanced fire within and without. The whole thing about vampires and circles breaking from within still applies though.

A wall of Divine Water: The Waters of Binah, the Waters of Briah, the Waters of Higher Emotion - maternal, nurturing, loving - at peace, and tranquil. The presence of this Wall will protect against the murky or polluted waters of the lower emotions, or any emotional backflow from the world. Again with the circles and vampires.

and Earth is Earth is Earth. Primordial Earth is the seed of Earth in Keter, but all-in-all there's only one Earth. Also, Earth is the combination of all the other three. So, Divine Earth is contingent upon the downward flow of pure Light from Keter through the Three Mother Letters, down to Earth. The Wall of Earth, then, is the Body as the True Image of the Soul - So, a wall of a stable home, finances, and bodily health, to protect against unbalanced and corrupted Earth.

Extending the Temple made with these four walls we've invoked to include all those who work and pray and visualize and build from and for peace and love regardless of who or where or what language or religion or lack thereof and all that, well... It's good to open up to who our kindred spirits are. Those who are motivated by lower and corrupt forces we can still love - albeit from a distance. So, we intend with this ritual to protect the good ones from the bad ones. And, once the bad ones wake up and become good ones, they will be welcome in the circle of protection as well.

Really, the Astral Shield is similar to the LBRP, whose influence is also far-reaching. When all of the elements are purified and sanctified in the Microcosm, the effect is that the entire Universe is redeemed, in the Microcosm. And surely, as you may have already noticed, one fully conscious and positive vibrating Soul can raise the vibration of a large roomful of semi-conscious bad-vibing humans. In other words, in a very real sense, the work we do Microcosmically effects the Macrocosm, in ways we can see and in ways we don't see.

Your Brother in Light,
Frater BT


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