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The Astral Shield

Ave Frater,

As I completed astral shield, I wondered just what aspects of protection does it impart. Should I understand the ritual literally, or is it more far-reaching than that.

Light and love
Good Morning Soror! :)

I would say both. Literally and it's much more far reaching. and, as with everything, you get out of it what you put into it. Invoking Divine Air to protect from evil and unbalanced air is incredibly far reaching, considering Air in its various aspects is the center of the Tree and the center of the Soul. In Hebrew "Ruach" refers to both Spirit and Air, and the whole personality on the Tree of Life. Getting all of that in alignment, and Willing it to protect against unbalanced air will allow you to vibrate on a level where the corrupted forms of thought can't touch you.

As always, the circle can only be broken from within - and vampires can't enter your home unless you invite them. Therefore, you can break down your own wall of …