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on Dealing with Stress

Dear Frater BT,

How do you deal with stress?

Sometimes, after some good ritual work and meditation, I feel at peace. But sooner or later, and usually sooner, my mind seems to get the better of me, and I am swept up in other peoples issues, and I have other people arguing in my mind and in my memory.

Stress that often isn’t even really there starts to encroach upon me in my stomach and gut, and before I even get to the point of having something to deal with in my day, I am already irritable and resentful that I’m being put through all this.

Then, I remember that I am very lucky that my life isn’t as difficult as it is for many others in the world, and such, and I feel like there’s something out of whack. And those are the good days. When a lot of things start happening at once, it gets so bad I could scream, and I sometimes break down at work, and can’t hide my tears or my frustration.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Frater BT
Greetings, Frate…

Astral Banishings and The Perfect L.B.R.P.

Hello Frater,

Can the LBRP be effective when done mentally? Sometimes I can’t get away to perform this ritual when I feel I need to. Also, is there a technique that you use to always draw a perfect pentagram? Sometimes when I perform the LBRP I feel that my pentagrams are not symmetrically perfect, so I end up performing this ritual 3 to 4 times. When I perform this ritual I often sweat and I feel kind of different. It is a good feeling. Sometimes I have a problem visualizing a bright light when performing the Qabbalistic Cross so I found that looking at a bright light before the ritual helps. I have not yet performed the Middle Pillar because I feel that I need to master the LBRP first. So what signs indicate that the LBRP is done perfectly? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Can the LBRP be effective when done mentally?

Yes, after a great deal of practice performing it physically.

That being said, it is important to note that it should …

Karma and The Devil

Greetings Frater,

I have two questions that have been occupying my thoughts a lot lately.

The first is in regards to karma. What does hermetic philosophy say about it? Are there events or conditions that we are fatalistically doomed to live through or can they be overcome without conflicting with divine law and planning?

The second concern I have is about the Tarot contemplation ritual. Although it has not yet come up in the shuffle there is one card that gives me an acute sense of trepidation. The 15th Card of the Major Arcana, The Devil. In its symbols I see meanings that represent the opposite of all that I desire to achieve. The inverted pentagram, as I understand it, represents the spirit having been overthrown and subverted by the lower elements. The human slaves chained to the devil's pedestal, to me, would represent the ways that human beings can become enslaved by the lower natures, such as the often burdensome and unreasonable demands placed on us by a materialistic …