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Oh.. Happy.. Day!!!

(AKA "TDL's Declaration of Independance" AKA "It's About Friggin' Time!" AKA "Warning: This Post is Entirely about Politics")

Avete, "The Community"!
Fratres, Sororis, and Cousins in Light of all kinds.

For those of you who are just tuning into our shenanigans, allow me to sum up:

Most, if not all, of the bad things you've heard about the EOGD are true.

However, over the past 22 years or so, sincere people have become initiated in the ECL, HOEGD, HOMSI, EOGD - all names for the same organization, three of the founding four of which had left long ago, and the head of which had long since been one Robert Anton (yes that's his middle name) Zink, AKA GH Frater PDR. The longest standing of these sincere seekers to date: GH Frater TDL, my mentor.

So, firstly, I can affirm the accuracy of the vote that took place and which was announced here:

From the point of view of the 23 who voted "…

Ladders, Nothingness, and Side-Paths

Frater BT,

Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that creation starts in the Abyss and we "evolve" up through the animal states to human state and finally to a divine state of being. In the Gnosticism that I was studying they explained it as follows:

We start off as in innocent little spark of God that was sent out of the vastness to Self-realize and go back to the Absolute a fully awakened and Self realized being. We are sent out into manifestation first in the mineral kingdom, then to the plant kingdom, then to the animal kingdom and finally take incarnation as a humanoid. During this "realization" process, we obtain what they termed "egos" and it is in the humanoid state that we consciously observe and dissolve these ego states with the power of the Divine Mother. These egos are the lower states that we needed in the animal kingdom to survive and learn so that we could evolve into the humanoid states. In the process of dissolving the ego and with…

Quick Trick Tips

Wanted to share a few things which may or may not be directly GD related as they've come from personal discovery within the context of working that system with whatever other background influences and all - anyhow, if you get something you do, if not no biggie..

so, here's 3 things you can do when the world is too much with you:

1. Close your eyes, around you is infinite space, the horizon in all directions. Do you like desert? if so its desert if not it's your call but you know that you know that you know that no one but you can exist there, and you have absolute confidence that no one will peak their head over the horizon to come toward you. Now sign of silence, open your eyes, and that desert can be between you and everything else, when you need it, even on a crowded bus, so breathe easy.

2. Feel the universe and all past and future, thought, emotion, and every possible thing or form or idea or label or relative position or anything, everything, as if it were all in…

You Might Be an Initiate...

(inspired by Jeff Foxworthy’s "You Might Be a Redneck...")

If you wear a Star-of-David necklace, but you’re not Jewish, you might be an initiate.

If you have ever used the word "exoteric" in a sentence, you might be an initiate.

If you stay up all night painting something that you have no intention of ever to showing anyone, you might be an initiate.

If you smile knowingly when people talk about the symbolism on the back of the dollar bill, you might be an initiate.

If you've ever looked at the caduceus symbol on a doctor’s office and thought "heh... how appropriate", you might be an initiate.

If you most often respond to the question "how do you know each other" with "oh, you know... mutual friends...", you might be an initiate.

If you have a room at home that’s always locked and you tell people "I just have a lot of personal things in there", you might be an initiate.

If you have a dog named Anubis and a goatee, you migh…

The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley

What is the significance of the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valley?

Much poetry is written about these. "Rose of Sharon" comes from a King James mistranslation of "Crocus of Sharon" – Sharon being the region where that flower is found, but it is from in the Songs of Solomon "I am a Rose of Sharon and a Lily of the Valley". The book is a love poem with 3 parties: The Lover (God) the Beloved (the Bride/Malkuth) and the witnesses. It is probably the most Sufi-like of anything in the Bible. So, basically, the reference is a dry British Masonic attempt to capture the same kind of lover/beloved relationship between Keter (God) and Malkut (mankind) which can more easily be found in the works of Rumi and Hafiz. For example:

Mismatched Newlyweds
- by Hafiz

a pair

of mismatched newlyweds,

one of whom still feels very insecure,

I keep turning to God


"Kiss Me."

The tablet of Shewbread is sort of confusing also. I understand mos…

Stained Glassed

Esoterinerd Vocabulary for the Day - "Stained Glassed": (adjective) Can be used to describe the messagings which an individual claims to be channeling from a higher source (such as a god, an angel, or a ghost) when it is evident that the person performing the channeling has already predetermined the jist of what the message will be and/or pre-established a set of talking points which they will then present as if the source of the message was someone or something other than themselves. Sometimes you might feel a real presence, even as it is real sunlight which shines through stained glass, illuminating the picture already created by the artist. (for example: “last night’s channeling was very obviously stained glassed, but I got something out of it anyway.”)

Todd: I think that anyone and everyone who channels is guilty of this to some extent. as long as you have a Ruach (a soul) -the message being filtered through it will to some extent be corrupted. This goes from the highest…

Theoricus Poker...?

Avete Sorores et Fratres!

The original post is below, but first I wanted to draw your attention to this Podcast Episode in which Dru and I play Theoricus Poker:

VH Frater BT's Esoterinerd Podcast

Episode 41: Theoricus Poker
[01:07:34]  February 12th, 2016

Click here to download the episode.

BT and Dru play Theoricus Poker, with a little help from the David Bowie Oracle Cards.

Now here is the original 2011 post:



So, I haven't tried playing this, but it seems like a fun way to drill correspondences - I suppose it'd be preferable to use a deck other than the one you read with.

So here it goes: the dealer gives everyone 7 cards. The person to their left puts a card in the middle face up - any card they want, then draws a card from the facedown deck that's left over. The next person has to put a card on it that either is of the same planet, element, zodiac, is a sephira connected to the path, or a path connected to the sephira. 2's, then, would go with an…