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Do you feel comfortable sharing how your Buddhist practice works with your GD practices?

I'll reply in a few days, and may even make it a blog post. It's a bit more nuanced also given that my dad was also a Buddhist Hermeticist: http://edward-reib.com/Transformations-by-John-Dan-Reib-1976.pdf

I want to take some time to think about and compose my response.


oh absolutely! and thank you...

(Several days later)

Greetings in Light brother!

I suppose I'll just have to aim for a certain level and depth of response and run with it, otherwise I'll never reply. The question could very well be the subject of a book down the road.

Just a few thoughts for now, since I've had responding to your message hanging in the back of my mind for a while. I'll give a few examples and see what comes up.

I feel I must disclaim - there is more than one form of Buddhism, and many people belittle and talk down to and about the sort of Buddhism one sees among counter-cultural communities in the West: Beatnics, Hippies, Burners etc. Further, there are several branches of Buddhism that are considered "incorrect" in some way or other by other practitioners of different forms of Buddhism.

The form I found myself growing up in was shown and explained to me by my dad. It was something of his identity, you might say. Privately, he would say "I don't consider myself American. I was born in China, I consider myself Chinese." If I were to presume a bit, he might clarify "not Red-Chinese..."

So anyhow... he studied Buddhism from a young age, not in a spirit of beatic or hippie rebellion, but if were to presume to analyze him I think it was a combination of elements. Firstly, his father, who had lived most of his life in China, died when he was 6. Secondly, he (my dad) was born in China. Thirdly, after graduating High School he witnessed shocking things in India while he and his mother were touring the world on the ship Queen Mary, which is now retired in Long Beach Harbor. He saw a man kill another man (specifically a large British man killing an Indian man), and he saw a woman's corpse being eaten by vultures. He told me it was that moment, standing at the edge of a cliff near his Hotel in Bombay, seeing the woman being eaten by vultures, then noticing that there were vultures in a tree looking at him, that led to his Buddhism.

So I got my Buddhism from him. People would say "what kind of Buddhist?" and I'd say "Tibetan". They'd say, "Oh, the Dalai Lama and all that?" and I'd say, "Who is that?" At holiday gatherings, when someone asked him a question, he'd say "From a Buddhist perspective..." and go on to shock the extended family with some statement like, "Karmically, we have to try democracy for a while. Once it shows itself not to work, we'll move on to something else."

I hope you had a chance to read the book he wrote in '76, as it illustrates who he was as a teacher more than my explanation. He also studied Tarot and Tree of Life and attended meetings at Builders of the Adytum occasionally.

Okay, you didn't ask me about him, so I'll cut to the chase: He died when I was 15.


So basically, I had, while he was alive, come to keep everything he taught me at a distance. It just didn't serve me well in school to be too much of a weirdo. Then, he died, and I had this idea that he'd had much to teach me. I mean, to be honest with you he was an asshole at times, and difficult to get along with. His ex wife, my mother, was his student once upon a time and we began our journey together. I had no idea her journey only had a few years left in it as well.

So, I figured this:

"I will start with Western because it's closer to my culture." I began learning Wicca, and soon found its Golden Dawn roots, and there was a particular notoriously awful Golden Dawn reenactment group about a 45 mile drive east from where I lived in Los Angeles.

So, my mom and I joined. I thought there was an over-abundance of crosses in the ceremony, and the chiefs were quick to explain them away as being "a universal symbol of balance, oh you're Buddhist? ..well there you go, it's the middle way." Naturally I grew and learned that they had been more or less lying to cover up the abundance of Christianity.

But that's where I started. I hadn't *learned* Buddhism yet, nor did I have much of a practice. My dad and I had a certain meditation we would do as I was growing up, but I had forgotten it at that time.

I saw the black and white tile and thought "Middle way, way without extremes," and no one had to tell me that the Sephira marked "Desire" was, by itself, unbalanced.

Later, when I learned the symbolism of the symbol of Venus it confirmed, in my mind, that this was the same force that Buddhism teaches to be free from: "Attachments" or "Clinging" or "Desire". The GD doesn't avoid it, though, and takes you right through it and, most often, leaves you there until you prove yourself enough of a sycophant to be considered for higher grades, but aside from all that... It resonated with what I remembered my dad telling me about Tantric Buddhism, his Buddhism, being different from some other maybe more original older forms of Buddhism, or the relatively newer ones, like Zen, which are so strict about how to behave and how not to. His form, his Tantric form, wasn't quite "left hand" Tantric Buddhism, except where it was. He felt, and I've read more recently that others including the Dalai Lama when speaking in private agree, that there is much to be gained from actually becoming and embodying these things *temporarily* rather than running away from them. That, perhaps, there is something to the idea that, of the two brothers, it is the Prodigal son who gets the party: He went and found out first hand how it all works, then returned "home" with that knowledge. So too, they say, loosing one's "faith" is a necessary step toward really having it.

Well I don't know about all that, as I'm generally a rational person - which is one of the reasons Buddhism appeals to me is that it is in large part very rational and requires no "leap of faith" to practice or to understand. Anyhow, my mom died while we were in the grade of Venus, and death is the path leading to Tipharet from there. It all struck as very "Buddhist" at the time. My girlfriend at the time, and I, stayed with a dear friend who was also from something of a Buddhist background, in this case Zen.

Am I jumping all over? Sorry about that... I'll try to wrap up.

In our group, they did a thing where they lock you in a box for 21 or 36 hours before the 5=6 initation. Many of my fellow initiates would pray the Rosary. I did that a bit, but mostly spent the time in meditation, and enjoyed it quite a bit. The Lotuses of Isis and on the wands reminded me of the Lotus as sacred to the Buddha. Portal, the spirit grade, felt very "Buddhist" to me at the time, though my daily rituals were GD in nature. I noticed many of the subtle Eastern influences on GD thinking. In the end, after the chaos had settled, I wanted to write a paper for Corpus Christi comparing Zen Meditation to more Tantric forms. My teacher made a face and said, "Well, you'll have to tie it in to Rosicrucian Tradition somehow." By that time I was basically done. I wrote this post mocking the idea.

I had meant to START WITH Golden Dawn, but it had taken over my life. After 18 years or so in the GD, our group was falling apart. You might have caught it on the interwebs: This, for example. So the path that was meant to be my spritual center in the midst of actual life had replaced my actual life and was no longer serving as a spiritual center. Classic "Cult" scenario. Well, one of em.

In the midst of mental chaos both within and without, I reached back to a voice that I knew and loved: The voice of Alan Watts. I went to pirate bay (Sorry, Alan's estate) and downloaded 14 hours of him talking. I preferred his lectures to anything that might come out of my own mind and speech-monkey centers.

In his KQED show in 1959 he said that "Dharma Bums" and the like had effected the way people in the West think of Buddhism and Zen in particular, and that he wanted to explain what it was "for real". He mentioned "Shobogenzo" as a good source, so I resolved to learn "real Buddhism" thoroughly, and have it at the core of my Yoga practice. I read Shobogenzo, and it inspired me to meditate daily in Lotus position. (for reference)

Shortly after, I left the Golden Dawn, intending to leave it behind me for good.

Yet, it is very much a part of me. I used to think things like "people need this!" or, more specifically, "Christians and Jewish Athiests could really use this!" which might be true, but I've moved away from making it my job to get it to them, to package it to them, and to fight off the assholes like Robert and David who want to turn it into their own little cash-cow/corporate-logo - I'm just done fighting is all.

Then I went to Japan and saw some Buddhist temples that took my breath away. (for reference) I met a Buddhist who was amazed by my Golden Dawn background and it caused me to reevaluate it's value. During the same trip, I told my wife's uncle who lives there all about my experiences with Golden Dawn and he told me "You say you've left it, but you haven't." I think he meant that I should go ahead and leave it now, but I took it differently. I *had* left the poisonous manifestation I was in, and I still felt parts of it were of value. To swallow the whole thing and go through from 0=0 to 5=6 traditionally is a rare fetish and, in my option, a fairly vain pursuit. The value in it is entirely made up of having historical context for something nobody cares about except for Thelemites and the people at Builders of the Adytum. But, at any rate, I came back from Japan and started The Esoterinerd Podcast.

It's clear to me that no one knows why it's there or what it's for, and that's okay. It's mostly to give my 2 cents on things, and secondarily to keep in touch with people and learn new things. You can hear when I'm bored as hell talking with someone who's very GD or Crowley Dogmatic in their thinking, or who are posturing for their readers in their mind. I'm not as into it as I used to be. Did you happen to catch Episode 77? There's a lot in that, and it's not about Buddhism. Well, it is, but it's really more about the many errors and characters I've met and been over the years, and hopefully a guiding light out of the snares and limitations of the "cycles of transmigration."

Also, I'll conclude (this post is very disorganized, I know) with one final thought.... Reincarnation. It's not a given among everyone. It's possibly a given among the Eastern-loving Adepts of late 1800s who authored it, but these days there are "YOLO" types practicing it with great urgency as well.

So, that said, I feel like my time in the particular GD manifestation was my Karma... in a sense.... in the sense that it was a carry-over from work done before, and that it was the thing I had to do. Now that I've left I feel this is bonus-time. I feel I get to meditate... become vegan... etc and become as sublime as I can in this life, and that way in my next life I'll be able to pick up where I left off in this life.

That said, I don't believe it. I think that way, and I was raised that way, but I'm not sure about it.

Then again, that's probably better, no? Not knowing.

Thank you for the question, brother.

Namaste et LVX,

(Post Script: Upon reflection, and though it more than softens the point, I think I should amend the statement "To swallow the whole thing and go through from 0=0 to 5=6 traditionally is a rare fetish and, in my option, a fairly vain pursuit" or, at least, clarify it. It is not meant to imply that every person who has either or is in the process of or considering taking up the formal practice of GD initiation all the way through and out the top falls into this category. By "swallow the whole thing" I mean to treat GD Canon (whatever that means) as a dogma in the strictest sense. Sometimes this involves grafting it, awkwardly or not, onto some other dogmatic philosophy or religion. Other times, it becomes the practitioner's entire paradigm to point of identification and even KL5 type "Obsession." In the very worst cases (of which there are too many examples, myself included) it can become the subscript to or justification for various forms of neurosis and a spectrum of complexes from superiority to messianic, which either calcify or the pendulum swings the other way to inferiority and a sense of meaninglessness, before it wobbles back and forth a bit more and eventually arrives at a kind of stillness which allows one to see a bit more clearly, I think. Basically, I'm really only talking about myself, and I think you all knew that, and read it into the text. I just wanted to let you know I am aware of it too, and to cheer you on if you're going full steam with your GD work. I, currently, am not. I seem to be quite happy without it, in case you were wondering what happens when you stop. But I had fun too. I had a special relationship with ANODOIN, and I suppose I always will. Okay, that's enough outta me for tonight. Namaste & LVX Sorores et Fratres.)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Live Streams

Avete Sorores et Fratres in LVX and Tenebrarum,

You may have noticed my Facebook page isn't there anymore. If anyone missed the old "Morning Rituals" live streams, have no fear: You can still find them over here.

Hope everyone is as well as can be expected, or more, during these strange times.

Namaste et LVX,

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Dearest VH Frater BT,

I am getting my ass whipped by Zelator Adeptus Minor...

(for the privacy of my anonymous sister, I've cut most of this message out.)

...Any thoughts or advice are welcome. I have even considered moving away from the GD work and balancing it out with some Eastern work.

Kindest wishes to you & your precious Lady.

VH Soror (something-something)


It all sounds good to me! I have taken a break from my GD work and taken up Yoga in a major way, and gone back to the practice my dad taught me as a kid, but there are a few locals who, every once in a while, I invite over to do the Tibetan stuff linked in this message followed by Ritual S-2 or some other GD work.

I think in a way GD is kind of stuck in Victorian England, but it's good for finding the pulse deep underneath Western culture, and a good place to find the connections with Eastern culture. Also, the Yoga, I find, has helped me with Earth in a major way. If I were to Chief an Order (I hope I never do) I wouldn't have the 1=10 test be "did you make your pantacle? ...Good, what are the correspondences for blah? ...Good," I'd have it be much more *physically* oriented, as in something along the lines of what I'm doing now with the Yoga training. Perhaps I've finally arrived at true-zelator, referencing the article ICL wrote.

I've found much peace in my Yoga practice. For me, the GD work was very much interwoven with Robert Zink and all of that bullshit, and my having to spy on people to "save Jerusalem" and a lot of shit like that I'm not proud of, and am only recently starting to admit. On the other hand, since Temple Isis separated from him, and especially since I separated from Temple Isis, I have gotten back in touch with the many Adepts who had left long ago, and found there something of a loose-knit community of the people I had missed so much for so long. That gives me strength, and also the strength to be different from the cookie-cutter "Adept" mold that the Order I came from seemed to want to cram everybody into. Ironically, when I had superiors standing over me telling me to be a better person, it made me want to be worse. Once I left, I found myself genuinely motivated to be a better person.

Thank you for pouring your heart out to me so often, it really makes me feel special, speaking plainly, and thank you for allowing me to share these intimate things with you as well. Congratulations on the Vault! Once, when I was in a subway, and I was going through a very difficult time with my relationship, my heart was crushed in a thousand ways a day, and I needed an escape. I went into my inner astral temple in Malkuth, and into my inner Vault, and I looked at the walls. Lo and behold, every single square was there, clearly marked, holding still, and in the right colors. The Hebrew was on the ceiling and floor, the snakes were slithering under onyx-like glass beneath the rose and the equal-armed cross. It really is true, I guess, what they say about suffering and sadness and pain being the initiators of the heart.

Oh, also, I'm really into this book lately.

Much Love & LVX,

Post-script: After this correspondence, and one other from a Soror in San Diego, I felt moved to create this page.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Checking in


I just wanted to say hello here on this old B.T. blog for anyone who might check it. If you click the little image of me on the right side of the page it'll take you to some of my other pages, if you were under the impression that I had disappeared.

A couple of points of clarification. I am no longer the Praemonstrator of the Temple of Isis, as of Spring Equinox of 2013. Basically, up until relatively recently, my work in the Order had been very time and energy consuming, and I had long been motivated by the vain idea that "the Order would be a lot worse off without me in it". In other words, I felt I had some unique perspective from my upbringing and my years in the Order which would somehow help it to become what it oughta be.

After I felt confident that the Temple of Isis that I had known and loved for all these years was free from Robert's direct influence, I found that my "reason for staying" was no longer there. I felt it was time for me to go my own way, and I really wanted to have some free time with which to finally create myself as a person. I have a great affinity for those I have come to know in the context of doing and practicing and talking about Golden Dawn. I am grateful for all the bonds I have made with people over the years.

I don't talk to Robert, and I don't intend to re-establish any connection there in the future. I am in touch with everyone at Isis, and I have no ill will toward any of them. I am also in touch with many of those in the temples which went their way in Spring of 2011, and have no ill will toward them. I also like the Ciceros' Order, what I know of it. I don't know very much about the other groups other than what's out there, so I have no special insight.

I still do these sort of semi-annual renegade Golden Dawn meets Tibetan Tantric classes for a few locals, most of whose connection to the Order was always through the classes I had at my house anyway.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wouldn't it be funny?

Wouldn't it be funny if a group of people got together and decided to be called.... oh, I don't know, there's a pencil here in front of me, so, let's call it "The Pencil Club", and the only rule was that once a year everyone in The Pencil Club would meet and share their experiences of things they learned in far off lands, and they would all share in the experience together and build their collective knowledge this way - well wouldn't it be funny if a few centuries later someone wanted to do a presentation on comparing and contrasting Tibetan Buddhist and Japanese Zen approaches toward Meditation for annual meeting of The Pencil Club and the person in charge said "well I don't know... can you show how it ties in or corresponds with Pencil Club tradition?" AAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Now, about these Rosicrucians...


Friday, November 9, 2012

The Confession of the Hierophant


I recently was reminded of something ICL had written and posted to all the members back in 2001. So, I asked him if he would mind digging it up for me, and also if he would mind if I posted it on my blog here. He said he didn't mind. Here is the Hierophant Confession being referred to, followed by ICL's September 2001 post.


The Confession of the Hierophant

Fratres et Sorores of the Order, seeing that the whole intention of the Lower Mysteries, or of external initiation, is by the intervention of the Symbol, Ceremonial, and Sacrament, so to lead the Soul that it may be withdrawn from the attraction of matter and delivered from the absorption therein, whereby it walks in somnambulism, knowing not whence it cometh nor whither it goeth; and seeing also, that thus withdrawn, the Soul by true direction must be brought to study of Divine Things, that it may offer the only clean Oblation and acceptable sacrifice, which is Love expressed towards God, Man and the Universe. Now, therefore, I confess and testify thereto, from my Throne in this Temple, and I promise, so far as in me lies, to lead you by the Rites of this Order, faithfully conserved, and exhibited with becoming reverence, that through such love and such sacrifice, you may be prepared in due time for the greater Mysteries, the Supreme and inward Initiation.

- spoken by the incoming Hierophant, at every Golden Dawn Equinox Ceremony


Avete Fratres et Sorores,

Thank you all, for allowing me to serve you in this role for the past six months. It is the pinnacle of the Outer Order priesthood and it is my wish that every seeker of the Light receives the opportunity to experience the blessings and current of this role. As, I lay down my Scepter on this Autumnal Equinox, I would like to expound on one last thing. In the Confession of the Hierophant, recited on every Equinox celebration, the difference between the Lesser and the Greater Mysteries is revealed and explained. In essence the Lesser Mysteries are shown to be the initiatory system which we all benefit from in this Order, while the Greater Mysteries are the true inner changes that mark real spiritual and occult advancement in the True Order of God, the Lord of the Universe.

This has been a subject of deep contemplation for me for many years. And, I would like to share with you what the current in the past six months has given to me on this subject. For, the vast majority of us are all Neophytes of the Greater Mysteries in this Order, regardless of our grade in the Lesser Mysteries of our external initiatory system. Although, currents truly descend upon us, and truly give us new growth, spiritual and occult power, and responsibilities in each grade of the Lesser Mysteries, the Lesser Mysteries are more intended to empower us to accomplish the Great Work and the Work of our Order. While the Greater Mysteries are the true changes in our spiritual growth and evolution.

The Outer and Uninitiated world is composed of those who do not walk the Path of Aspiration. Who are filled with what the Ancient Churches called "acedia". Acedia is defined as "spiritual sloth, which is characterized by laziness and indifference in matters of the Spirit." Many of us remain in the uninitiated state of the Greater Mysteries until well into the middle or higher grades of the Lesser Mysteries! Such is the state of those who have not placed their Higher Genius and their spiritual growth as their highest priority in Life. Once, we come to the inner revelation that all else in life is vanity except the pursuit of the Highest Light, we truly become Neophytes of the Greater Mysteries. Most of us have come to that conclusion, and thus are Neophytes within.

The grade of Zelator in the Greater Mysteries marks a very different stage. A stage of actual Zeal. Not apparent zeal. All of us who see the work of the Order and the Great Work as paramount and sacrifice much to accomplish them have apparent Zeal. Actual Zeal is when we have been cleansed of all resistance within us. When no longer do we tire in spiritual labor. When no longer we feel the Dark Night of doubt, resistance, material needs, and pleasures. Actual Zeal does not come from our willpower, but from a process of Alchemy that configures us in the image of an Angelic Force that has no pleasure in anything but God and the labors to which He appoints us.

Imagine that! Imagine never feeling emotional fatigue, never feeling inner resistance, never feeling doubt about God, our Higher Genius, nor our Order, never feeling any emotion but bliss in spiritual things. This is the True Zealator of the Greater Mysteries. The stage we all seek next. The stage which truly brings all things within our reach. This is not a symptom of hermitage, but of being in the World and not contaminated by it. It is not that we do not care for the matters of the world. Quite the opposite! By ceasing to make the matters of the world our treasure and master, we truly become empowered to save it from its own depths and to culture it to its highest potential.

From there, the other grades of the Outer Order are but parts of the grade of Zelator, so in the Greater Mysteries as in the Lesser. For once we have been cleansed of our concerns over the dross of this world, may we truly study and know in depth the works of the Holy Men and Women who have gone before us as a Theoricus in the Greater Mysteries. Only then can we truly master the practices and disciplines of magic awakening every latent power and gift of the Holy Spirit as Practici of the Greater Mysteries. And only then, can we finally attain an inner, true, and intimate knowledge of our Creator and the Life He gave us, as a Philosophus of the Greater Mysteries.

Beyond the Outer Order, it is not right for me to speak. For as I am still but a Neophyte of the Greater Mysteries, who am I to speak of such things for the Higher Grades? It is enough for me to accomplish, one day, that One Sight, that One Heart, that One Will and Love that alone will provide for the aspirant, the means to the Higher. May we all achieve this great Peace Profound, and place our treasure, and thus our hearts, in God's hands.


In the Name of the Lord of the Universe Who Works in Silence and Whom Not but Silence Can Express, Khabs Am Pekht, Konx Om Pax, Light in Extension.

V.H. Frater I.C.L. 770

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ritual Green

Time for a ritual question?

Go ahead.

The earth invocation, what is it supposed to be doing to our body/soul? And is it possible to use the invocation to commune with elementals?

"Grounding", attuning our consciousness with the nature of elemental earth. Yes.

Is there anything I can do to make elemental earth energies more... I guess the word to use is visible? Not sure if that’s the right word.

Yes... Do you have Ritual Green?


The whole thing is good, but there's one part in particular I'm thinking of. Remember, earth is the combination of air water and fire, especially the base elements, though all other kinds are included as well. In other words, you're breathing the atmosphere, it's part of you, part of your body. Your moisture is all oceans, rivers and clouds. Your bones are most like earth, but even using intelligence and science and such you can "see" how these parts all come together on cell and even molecular scales. For example, with our hands we fashion the iron some ancient exploding star produced into pots and pans and nails. Our cells do similar things with iron.

Mostly it’s about getting over ideas of being separate from earth.

That looks awesome thanks.

Of course. :)


Ritual GREEN

Ritual GREEN is written for members of the Zelator grade and higher. The currents invoked in the grade of Zelator carry over very well into this ritual, and this ritual will help deepen the Zelator’s relationship with the element of Earth. If you have not yet achieved the grade of Zelator you are welcome to perform this ritual, just skip over anything that doesn’t sound familiar.

This ritual is designed to invoke and sustain health and harmony within our ecosystem. In order to do this, of course, we must strongly invoke harmony and healing into our own lives and bodies.

As the Emerald Tablet states, “the things that are below are a reflection of the things that are above.” In order to bring health and harmony into our bodies, we must continually invoke health and harmony into our minds, hearts, and souls.

Therefore it is recommended that Ritual Green be performed in conjunction with one or all of the other Rituals such as Shalom Jerusalem, the Ritual to Feed the Hungry, S1, the Astral Shield, etc.

Peace in the heart must be accomplished before we can invoke any real results from Ritual Green. That is, to invoke healing into our bodies, individually, then to our collective body: our ecosystem.

If you perform this ritual in the evening, be sure to drink several glasses of water throughout the day, and try to avoid caffeine, grease, fast food, and other such things which are obviously in conflict with the forces invoked in this ritual. Of course, if you are so heavily addicted to coffee that you need one cup to avoid a migraine, please don’t let that to prevent you from performing the ritual.

It is recommended for the first performance, and at your convenience in performing it thereafter, that you walk, if you are able, for a minimum of twenty minutes. This should be done during the daytime, and would preferably be done in a natural environment, even if it’s just the local park in your metropolis. Find a place that strikes you as particularly beautiful, and face east, proclaiming “Adonai, Melek Ha-Aretz. Grand unto me the scepter of thy child, the Caretaker of the Garden of Life.” Pick up a small stone, quartz if possible, and carry it home with you.

Once The Stone is in the northern part of your personal temple or working space, place your earth pentacle upon your central alter, and a green candle upon your pentacle. Burn an earthy incense such as Dittany of Crete or Patchouli. Beyond that, feel free to decorate the alter and working space however seems appropriate. If you have a backyard, or someplace where you can be certain you will have privacy, then this ritual may be performed outside.


Step One: Purify your working space with Water, and consecrate with Incense.

Step Two: LBRP and BRH, finishing with the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe:

“Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe

Holy art Thou, which Nature hast not formed

Holy art Thou, the Vast and Mighty One

Ruler of the Light and the Darkness”

Step Three: Kneeling “Oh Lord of the Universe, the vast and mighty One, ruler of the light and the darkness, we adore Thee and we invoke Thee. Look Thou with favor upon us who kneel before Thee, and grand Thine aid unto the highest aspirations of our souls, that we may be enabled to accomplish the Great Work unto the glory of Thine ineffable name!”

Step Four: Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual, vibrating each name seven times.

Step Five: LIRP of Earth, take a moment to greet each of the four Archangels beginning in the East.

Step Five: Stand to the West of your central alter and face East - all underlined names are to be vibrated:

"I Invoke Thee oh Lord of the Universe, in and by your Holy Names, ADONAI HA ARETZ, ADONAI MELEKH, unto thee be the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory” while drawing a cross in the air above the alter “Malkuth, Geburah, Gedulah, the Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valley, Amen.”

Approach the eastern quadrant of your working space, and face East

“In the name of YHVH, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Raphael. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, to breathe your healing winds into my life. Purify and uplift my thoughts, and let me see and know clearly, and let the air that I breathe be clean, for Breath is the evidence of life, and it is the very red of my life’s blood. So Shall It Be.”

Salute the archangel Raphael with the grade sign of the Theoricus, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate to the Southern quadrant of your working space, and face South.

“In the name of Elohim, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Michael. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, bring pure energy, light and heat into my life. Let the fires of my life, my motivation and my Will, come from a higher source. Banish forever the lower fires of destructivity and selfishness. So Shall It Be.” Sign of Silence

Salute the archangel Michael with the grade sign of the Philosophus, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate to the Western quadrant of your working space, and face West.

“In the name of El, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Gabriel. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, send forth your rivers of pure and clean waters and refreshing rain. Bring a higher Love into my heart and life. Bring peace and understanding between me and everyone I know, and whomever I may meet. So Shall It Be.” Sign of Silence

Salute the archangel Gabriel with the grade sign of the Practicus, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate to the Northern quadrant of your working space, and face North.

“In the name of Adonai Ha Aretz, I call upon thee, oh mighty archangel Auriel. I beseech thee in the name of our Lord, Bring balance and stability into my life, my body, my finances. Bring health, vitality, and wholeness to my body and the bodies of my family, and into my brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn, and all my friends and everyone I know and whomever I may come in contact with, and to every being in the world. Let the life on this world thrive and shine in perfect harmony and synergy. So Shall It Be!” Sign of Silence

Salute the archangel Auriel with the grade sign of the Zelator, if you have attained the grade. Otherwise, salute him with the sign of your grade. Circumambulate and return to your central alter, facing East.

Recall to mind the Middle Pillar, and briefly reawaken and visualize the five spheres of brilliant light within you. Imagine that you are standing on a large Lotus flower, floating on the surface of a pond. Know that this Lotus is the universal mother of life: Isis Mighty Mother. Perform the sign of silence and imaging you are an infant standing on this Lotus, your true Mother. Let the petals close around your auric egg, nurturing and protecting you, and bringing healing from the very heart of creation.

“Isis, I Invoke thee Ima Elohim (pronounced ee-ma) send forth your Spirit and descend into this Temple in your light blue mist. Oh thou Blessed Shekina (sheh-kee-na) I invoke Thee!

Oh, Blessed Mother. I know that the survival of the human species depends upon our ability to respect the natural balances, and that the protection of nature and the safeguarding of all of life and nature is the responsibility of all people.

Thou didst give life to us that we might be a gardener for your world. Therefore, Mighty Mother, open our eyes, starting with my own. Let us see and understand the full import of the little things we do, every day.

Let us open our eyes and see the impact what we eat and drink, and the affect it has on our health, and on our emotions and our state of mind and the way we live our lives.

Aid and assist me in this noble task! I beseech Thee, remain with me oh Mother and remind me as I go throughout me days. Let my eyes be opened and let the eyes of my brothers and sisters in the human race be opened.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to use cleaner, domestically produced electricity.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to rid ourselves entirely of our addiction to fossil fuels.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to utilize renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials, and to recycle all materials when we are finished with them.

Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to respect our bodies, and not to pollute them. Aid all the human race, and each of us as individuals, to know and to understand, not just intellectually, but to really know in the very core of our being, that the Earth is our Mother, and it is the collective body of all nature, of all animals and plants, and that we must respect our planet even as we must respect our bodies, for we are the cherished creation and child of the Most High.”

Let the light of Keher descending through Da’at and into your Tipharet center. Feel that warm light and life radiating out into the world. Visualize the entire surface of the Earth’s lands covered in green grass and pink roses, as in the Shalom Jerusalem Ritual. Smell the scents of the many and various plants, and hear the sounds of the birds in the air and the other animals around the world. Even as we evoke food for the people of the world that are hungry, let us invoke harmony and balance in nature, that all life be cared for and preserved in its place in the great tapestry of life.

“So Shall It Be!” Sign of Silence

Step Six: "O invisible King, who, taking the Earth for foundation, didst hollow its depths to fill them with Thy almighty power. Thou whose name shaketh the arches of the world, Thou who causest the seven metals to flow in the veins of the rocks, King of the seven lights, rewarder of the subterranean workers, lead us into the desirable Air and into the realm of splendor. We watch and we labor unceasingly, we seek and we hope, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the buried Talismans, by the Axis of the lodestone which passes through the center of the Earth. O Lord, O Lord, O Lord! Have pity upon those who suffer. Expand our hearts, unbind and upraise our minds, enlarge our natures.

O stability and motion! O Darkness veiled in brilliance! O day clothed in night! O Master who never dost withhold the wages of Thy workmen! O silver whiteness! O golden splendor! O crown of living and harmonious diamond! Thou who wearest the heavens on Thy finger like a ring sapphire! Thou who hidest beneath the earth in the Kingdom of Gems, the marvelous seed of the stars! Live, reign, and be Thou the Eternal Dispenser of the treasures where of Thou has made us the Wardens.

Step Seven: LBRP, BRH, and Adoration

Step Eight: (Final Release) I now release any and all spirits which may have been imprisoned by this rite. Go forth now unto thine own abodes and habitations, and go thou with the blessing of YEHESHUAH YEHOVASHA. Be there always peace between you and me and be ye ready to come again when ye are called. For I now declare Ritual GREEN duly closed."


This ritual is most effective when performed every day for seven days. If you do not have time to perform the entire ritual each day, repeat as often as possible.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letter from TDL

Avete! Here is a letter that TDL has just asked us to forward to all members, so I figured I'd just post it here. 770, BT :)

Avete Fraters and sorors of the Golden Dawn California, Temple of Isis Mighty Mother,

I want to warmly greet all of our Fraters and Sorors to a happy and blessing filled 2012. I want to also extend a reminder that I and all the Adepts at Isis are here to serve God, you and the occult community. We are doing every effort to broaden and expand our grade lessons, classes and workshops so as to make your membership at the Temple of Isis a memorable and magical filled experience.

As of recent, we (Temple of Isis under Golden Dawn California), have made a declaration of separation from the EOGD and its founder PDR who is otherwise known as Robert Zink, for reasons of extreme differences of interests and goals for this Order of Light. We regret to say that there may be some recent posts on the internet that may be attempting to stir up some confusion and cause strife to this new beginning. I want to express our sincere apologies for any arousal of disruption and please note that the governing body of Golden Dawn California Temple of Isis is managed under the positions of the Imperator Frater TDL, Praemonstrator Frater BT, and Cancellarius Soror P. And if there are any posts that are made contrary to our direction of Order administration, you may be being misled by hosts of the EOGD or some other source. We encourage our members to quickly notify us for clarification and to report any disruptions or suspicious posts on the internet, or contact the Cancellarius at cancellarius@goldendawnusa.com. We would only wish light upon all of our members on their magical path to enlightenment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your brother in Light,
G.H. Frater T.D.L.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Golden Dawn Universum

This Facebook Group is hosted by the Praemonstrator of the Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, in Baldwin Park California, as a public service: members of all the various Golden Dawn based Orders are welcome here, as well as Solo Practitioners, or anyone curious about the Golden Dawn.

In truth, the Fraters and Sorors in the True and Worldwide Golden Dawn are numerous, and the particular grades they carry in whatever Order it is are irrelevant. We are called to be in the world, not of the world. Grades and politics are of the world.

Please note that membership in this Facebook Group does not constitute initiation into any Golden Dawn Order. If you feel the call to pursue this work in a group setting, there are several Orders out there to choose from. Don't be fooled when you see the name "Golden Dawn" in a group's name, as this does not equal authenticity per se, and there are plenty of groups that provide Golden Dawn initiation that do not have the words "Golden Dawn" in their name.

Anyhow - all I ask is that we keep good vibes on here, and stay more/less on point.

much love to you,
VH Frater BT
Temple of Isis Mighty Mother

If you would like to join in the conversation, click: here

Post Script: The Facebook group "Golden Dawn Universum" is no longer hosted by the Praemonstrator of the Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, as I stepped down from that role and passed it on to VH Frater DN at the Spring Equinox of 2013. I've also retired from the role of active moderator of the Facebook group; the group is now overseen by "Jim Yahazim".

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh.. Happy.. Day!!!

(AKA "TDL's Declaration of Independance" AKA "It's About Friggin' Time!" AKA "Warning: This Post is Entirely about Politics")

Avete, "The Community"!
Fratres, Sororis, and Cousins in Light of all kinds.

For those of you who are just tuning into our shenanigans, allow me to sum up:

Most, if not all, of the bad things you've heard about the EOGD are true.

However, over the past 22 years or so, sincere people have become initiated in the ECL, HOEGD, HOMSI, EOGD - all names for the same organization, three of the founding four of which had left long ago, and the head of which had long since been one Robert Anton (yes that's his middle name) Zink, AKA GH Frater PDR. The longest standing of these sincere seekers to date: GH Frater TDL, my mentor.

So, firstly, I can affirm the accuracy of the vote that took place and which was announced here:

From the point of view of the 23 who voted "yes, yes, and yes", they remained right where they were, threw out PDR, called everyone in the Order to tell them what was happening, and then changed their name to avoid being connected with the EOGD and its reputation. I wanted to mention that because the way that TDL's Declaration-letter is worded states that those temples "left us to form the OGD-CSS" which, I know, there will be a few saying "that's not the way it happened!" for the reasons I've just mentioned.

From TDL's point of view, TDL was appointed Imperator of the Temple of Isis back in 1996 I believe it was, if not earlier, and in February/March of 2011 he refused to acknowledge the Expulsion-of-PDR-letter, linked to above. So, basically, TDL was included in the expulsion of PDR, from the point of view of those who "left" / "stayed where they were". So TDL remained the Imperator of the only temple which remained with Robert (EOGD)... UNTIL TODAY!

Dear Fraters and Sorors,

I want to personally thank all the members of the Temple of Isis who have remained loyal to her and have supported her through difficult times of trial. Let me be brief. It is no secret that the Order has undergone a split this past March, due to differences of opinion concerning the question of the Order’s leadership.

At this time I want to express that the direction of the Order will be to continue to Teach, Initiate and Heal in a society hungry for the magical way of life. Furthermore, it is in our best interest to mentor interested students providing them with advanced education whose aim it is to take on the status of mentor to help in the burden of teaching the students in such a magical Order. I am calling those who wish to train to become a mentor to come forward and express your interests so that together we can help this Order rebuild and grow.

As to making clarifications over the pending topic of leadership within the Temple of Isis, I would like to clearly state that I, TDL and all the body of hardworking loyal Adepti are sworn to assist and guide all the members of our Order, treating them as if they were our own brother or sister, helping to lead them to the doorways that will aid them to complete the Great Work. We as the Adept body will continue to stand by these promises in the hopes for a greater future of the world of spirituality, magic, personal growth and for the glory of the empire of Light.

Being that this is said, let it also be clearly stated that the Golden Dawn California Temple of Isis will from here on work independently, so that her growth in love, truth and knowledge will prosper and expand, and that her political restraints that has kept her limited will begin to diminish. This is an Order built by the Spirit of Light whose Will it is to spread the teachings of the Mysteries for the benefit of mankind so that every individual may have the opportunity to accomplish his/her True Will. At this time Temple of Isis and GH Frater PDR have undergone a difference of beliefs. Let it be clearly stated that Temple of Isis has chosen to move onto a different direction towards the benefit and well-being of the Order’s tradition of teachings and her members. The body and council of Temple of Isis wishes to provide the best possible environment for our members to continue with the classical tradition of the Golden Dawn and RR et AC, towards completing the Great Work and the way of the magic of Light.

The Adepti of the Temple of Isis acknowledge GH Frater PDR as the founder of the EOGD. He has been and will always be known as our Brother in light. But for clarification, let our members understand that the Temple of Isis is now moving independently from GH Frater PDR in the direction that will best exemplify the principles of light symbolized by the three pillars “Love, Truth and Knowledge.” Let it also be made clear that we at the Temple of Isis do not wish to “rejoin” with those temples which left ours in March to form the OGD-CSS either.

For the sake of the tradition of the Golden Dawn and the Great Work, we declare that Golden Dawn California Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother is from this day forward an independent Order of light, no longer affiliated with the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, and will continue to seek to learn that we may serve.


GH Frater TDL and Council of Adepti

And just in time for Christmas!!! :)

Anyhow, I’ve been paying as little attention to Robert’s shenanigans as possible, as I’m a bit burnt out on them after all these years, but evidently he’s still got his website esotericgoldendawn.com going, and his blog, and whatever else – is still taking people’s money and telling them they’ll be initiated, is still listing as being his temples all of the temples which have long since (or, in our case, just recently) disconnected themselves from him for a variety of reasons including **but not limited to** all of those listed on the expulsion announcement. He’s still out there doing what he’s doing, but today I am very, very, happy to say - Isis, TDL, and the rest of us, are free.

It seems we're calling ourselves "Golden Dawn California" and "GDCA", though I prefer to think of us as "The Temple of Isis Mighty Mother", since the politics that have been stinking up the community seem to be not between "Temples", but between "Orders". C'est la vie.

As always, we’ll see how things unfold from here. :)

Best wishes to all of you,

and 770,

Post Script: In the end, the Temple of Isis under TDL went with the name Order of the Golden Dawn Universum

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ladders, Nothingness, and Side-Paths

Frater BT,

Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that creation starts in the Abyss and we "evolve" up through the animal states to human state and finally to a divine state of being. In the Gnosticism that I was studying they explained it as follows:

We start off as in innocent little spark of God that was sent out of the vastness to Self-realize and go back to the Absolute a fully awakened and Self realized being. We are sent out into manifestation first in the mineral kingdom, then to the plant kingdom, then to the animal kingdom and finally take incarnation as a humanoid. During this "realization" process, we obtain what they termed "egos" and it is in the humanoid state that we consciously observe and dissolve these ego states with the power of the Divine Mother. These egos are the lower states that we needed in the animal kingdom to survive and learn so that we could evolve into the humanoid states. In the process of dissolving the ego and with other spiritual work that you can only do as a human (which I won't get into), we transmute our energies from human to divine. The egos are defined as ultimately stemming from Lust, but manifest in various forms, namely the 7 deadly sins....Lust, Greed, Vanity, etc. But, Lust is supposedly the root of all evil and it is this that we must ultimately destroy or rather understand completely and request it to be destroyed within us. If you don't voluntarily take on this task of self-sacrifice and continue to live in the human state, then eventually we will run out of incarnations and start to devolve back down into the animal state to the plant kingdom, to the mineral kingdom and finally into the deepest Abyss where these states will be burnt off without our conscious will and we will return to the Absolute the way we came out.....totally innocent without any Self-realization at all. We will be happy, but in total worship of those sparks who self-realized and became fully conscious divine beings.


This reminds me of the “Ladder of Life” I learned in Gardenarian Wicca, as well as the “Great Chain of Being” (abstractly) in Christianity. The main thing about it, which may be where the limitation is coming in, is that it is very strictly linear, as far as “this came first, then this, and in the future it will be like this”. I am personally rather fond of Pierre Tielhard de Chardin’s vision of God continually giving birth to and being born from the magnificent organism that is the universe, and that we, all life, are connected through our mother the earth and our father the source of our Being, and our spirit – all of which is happening now in present time, and unfolding continually. As far as the Tree of Life, though, there are many stories and ideas which relate to it and which are told as stories with a linear sequence. It is of assistance, though, to approach the Tree of Life as something that is happening now, and the body, now, is happening – and that is Malkuth, at the bottom. And Keter, the source of all, is happening now – of course – otherwise there wouldn’t be anything at all. All of the various layers of the soul are happening now as well – from Chesed to Yesod, and our Divine Mother and Divine Father, Binah and Chockma, are happening now.

Some approach the Golden Dawn from a strictly Christian perspective, and are challenged to accept various Pagan ideas as possibly containing Truth. Some approach the Golden Dawn from a strictly Pagan perspective, and are challenged to accept various Christian ideas as possibly containing Truth. Some approach the Golden Dawn from a standpoint of reincarnation – others do not – and we do not require one to approach it one way or the other.

I believe that the model you’ve described, of the evolution of the soul from minerals up to humans then dissolving through the Divine Mother (the Abyss, on the way to Binah, perhaps) can harmonize well with the Tree of Life model – but the Tree of Life model does not necessarily imply the evolution of the soul model specifically. There are some parallels in the abstract, though, with the upward progression of the grades of the order. In the grade after neophyte, for example, you work with Malkuth. Then, with Yesod, and so on. The difference is that Yesod, rather than being one step up the latter of life, is actually beyond all time and space and even beyond what we usually term “astral”, where the ladder of life model works only within a reincarnation context of working our way up through the various species, and such.

“Ego” in the context of its modern usage would basically refer to the Ruach, which includes the Nephesch – though the word “ego” usually implies that it is in a corrupted state somehow. In order to experience the Supernals, or Divinity in its fullness, it is necessary to leave this soul, to ego, behind. The true “self”, though, remains – but the illusion of self, or perhaps the temporal “self”, ceases to be. That may correspond with what you describe as: “we consciously observe and dissolve these ego states with the power of the Divine Mother.” I find that this temporal self, though, is useful while we are alive and going to the grocery store and interacting in this world and such.

So, with this understanding, I am having a hard time grasping a couple of things:
Why is the red cross sitting above the triangle, if the triangle is representative of the Realized Self and the cross is representative of the middle soul.


In the Neophyte initiation, the White Triangle on the altar represents “Light” in ways defined in the ceremony itself. The Red Cross above the white triangle represents the unfolding of Light into Life. There are two contending forces being reconciled, and out of that reconciliation, life unfolds. There are other layers of meaning which will unfold through contemplation. In this context it’s not so much that the triangle is inferior to, or below, or created by the cross – rather, the light is the foundation for the life.


I totally don't understand the description of the circumambulation becoming a vortex that attracts the Divine Light, which rises from nothingness. How does something arise from nothing? What is the definition of nothingness?


Very good question! Giving it my best shot at the moment: When all of the officers move clockwise three times, we are moving as the sun rising and setting three times – projecting the Light from the East each time we pass by. The idea is that as we are doing this, the vortex is also opening in the “above” or in the spiritual realm. Before we begin the circumambulation, is it not there. After the circumambulation, both vortexes have occurred, touched, and allowed that current of sprit to appear, as if from nowhere, in the temple.

As far as a definition of nothingness, I would define it by taking an eraser and erasing the word nothingness – or by being silent – or some other way, which would be more true that some negation like saying the word “no-thing-ness”.


In the Tree of Life, is there something higher than Kether?


The three veils of negative existence. We delve into those in theoricus. In short, they are: “No Thing”, “No Limit” and “Endless Light”. Though the actual Hebrew words would translate better as “There is no”, “There is no end” and “there is no end of light”.


How is the Triune represented when it is united into one?


In various ways. The triangle, for example.


Where do the lower realms come in and why are they not represented in the Tree of Life.


By lower, do you mean demonic realms and such? If so, they are beneath the Tree of Life. Most humans are an imperfect reflection of the Tree, which can mean that not all of our sephirot or paths are in harmony with one another, and it can also mean that there are some influences from below the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life model that we use is an image of all things in their perfection, and so it is something to aspire to. It can be used as a map through the Divine Realms, but is not a map to those realms below the Tree. The lowest realms represented on the Tree are the body (malkuth) and the astral just above the body, and the path of the moon which can be seen as the subconscious. These paths can include traumatic memories and the shells of the dead, and such, but these are not considered “evil” realms.


What is the Middle Path of the straight line from Malkuth, Yesod, Tiphareth and Kether and what are the other paths? Can you fight to take the Middle Path only and still fully Self Realize?


In the Golden Dawn we don’t ignore the other paths, but we do work them, get to know them, learn to use them – and learn to recognize when they are exalted and in harmony with the whole tree, and when they are out of harmony. At the same time, we always seek to return to the center. There are times, for instance, when severity is appropriate – and other times mercy is appropriate. When we stand n the center, we can access both, without leaning too far one way or the other.


I have not gotten very far in the studies yet. I just wanted to write these things to you as a record for one, so that as I go along I may come across the answers in reading, or in a dream or in an astral experience. If you don't want to answer just yet, that is fine. But, if you see something where I am in error and it will mislead me as I go along, please correct it so that I can move.


I hope that my words helped in some way. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Trick Tips

Wanted to share a few things which may or may not be directly GD related as they've come from personal discovery within the context of working that system with whatever other background influences and all - anyhow, if you get something you do, if not no biggie..

so, here's 3 things you can do when the world is too much with you:

1. Close your eyes, around you is infinite space, the horizon in all directions. Do you like desert? if so its desert if not it's your call but you know that you know that you know that no one but you can exist there, and you have absolute confidence that no one will peak their head over the horizon to come toward you. Now sign of silence, open your eyes, and that desert can be between you and everything else, when you need it, even on a crowded bus, so breathe easy.

2. Feel the universe and all past and future, thought, emotion, and every possible thing or form or idea or label or relative position or anything, everything, as if it were all in a giant ocean that contains all space and time. Now, the top, or surface, of the water is *just* above your head. Recall "the breath/spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters" and allow a tiny whirlpool to form just at the crown of your head where the hair all flows outward from (bowing your head slightly like a Buddha statue, looking toward your third eye such that the line from your Qoph to your Resh is parallel with the ground). Now pull the whirlpool down a bit into your head, allowing the water that was within you to be replaced with the emptiness, and breath and spirit, that is above. Now slowly bring the whirlpool down until it contains you, then let it form an egg shape of emptiness around you between you and that ocean. sign of silence.

3. This one I just discovered last night. when your thoughts are on a project or something that is here now with a deadline and which affects you and your mood and consumes your thoughts and serves to separate you from others and loved ones, here is something you can do - look up toward your third eye, with eyes closed - and now, put your concentration and attention on a point directly in front of you as far as you can imagine. Now that the channels are open, let the pure new spirit you have tapped into fill you through that line and release and clean everything out - direct it and you may find you can instantly heal a cold, if you have one. then, let the world unfold tron-like or matrix-like out from that point in front of you and the whole horizon and everything, the sphere all around. Behold, you have moved from a tiny-box-microcosm to a vast-infinite-space-microcosm.

much love,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Might Be an Initiate...

(inspired by Jeff Foxworthy’s "You Might Be a Redneck...")

If you wear a Star-of-David necklace, but you’re not Jewish, you might be an initiate.

If you have ever used the word "exoteric" in a sentence, you might be an initiate.

If you stay up all night painting something that you have no intention of ever to showing anyone, you might be an initiate.

If you smile knowingly when people talk about the symbolism on the back of the dollar bill, you might be an initiate.

If you've ever looked at the caduceus symbol on a doctor’s office and thought "heh... how appropriate", you might be an initiate.

If you most often respond to the question "how do you know each other" with "oh, you know... mutual friends...", you might be an initiate.

If you have a room at home that’s always locked and you tell people "I just have a lot of personal things in there", you might be an initiate.

If you have a dog named Anubis and a goatee, you might be an initiate.

If you have to ask one of your closest friends to remind you what their "earthly name" is, you might be an initiate.

If you've ever asked someone to please stop calling you "Soror" at work, you might be an initiate.

If you’ve ever accidently called your Priest "brother", you might be an initiate.

If you ask people for permission to "pray for" them, you might be an initiate.

If the main reason you want to go to the British Museum is to see the original Sigilum Dei Aemeth, you might be an initiate.

and finally......

If you are proficient at painting, woodworking, ancient languages, accounting, delegation, management, public speaking, and teaching, yet none of this is reflected on your résumé, you just might be an initiate.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley

What is the significance of the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valley?


Much poetry is written about these. "Rose of Sharon" comes from a King James mistranslation of "Crocus of Sharon" – Sharon being the region where that flower is found, but it is from in the Songs of Solomon "I am a Rose of Sharon and a Lily of the Valley". The book is a love poem with 3 parties: The Lover (God) the Beloved (the Bride/Malkuth) and the witnesses. It is probably the most Sufi-like of anything in the Bible. So, basically, the reference is a dry British Masonic attempt to capture the same kind of lover/beloved relationship between Keter (God) and Malkut (mankind) which can more easily be found in the works of Rumi and Hafiz. For example:

Mismatched Newlyweds
- by Hafiz


a pair

of mismatched newlyweds,

one of whom still feels very insecure,

I keep turning to God


"Kiss Me."


The tablet of Shewbread is sort of confusing also. I understand most of it's individual parts, but I'm not putting it together as a whole idea. Further, yod, Heh, Vav, Heh is put together in several different permutations. How were the permutations determined and why put next to particular astrological signs?


Each of those permutations of YHVH are used as the Divine name of that Zodiacal sign. I’m not sure their origin before the Golden Dawn. The pattern can be found with the following three rules:

1. Every Cardinal sign’s permutation is YHVH in its normal order, beginning with the letter of the element of the cardinal sign, and wrapping around if need be to finish the word.

2. Every Fixed sign’s permutation is the immediately preceding Cardinal sign with the last 2 letters switched

3. Every Mutable sign’s permutation is the immediately preceding Fixed sign with the final letter moved to the 2nd position, bumping the 2nd and 3rd letters into the 3rd and 4th position.

Why? I’m not sure. But this is where the astrological divine names for the S1 ritual are derived, and several other higher level workings. You are not expected to memorize them. In fact, I never have, but I can appear like I have by knowing the 3 rules I’ve just mentioned.


In several places in the Zelator initiation it refers to Kerubim.The Great Angel sandalphon says ..."I am the left hand of Kerub of the Ark..." also, the Heirophant draws the sing of the "ox" which is the "kerub" of the North. I thought that the Kerubim were in Yesod, not Malkuth and the Ashim were in Malkuth. I guess I'm getting some types of concepts mixed up.


Yeah, it can be confusing. Kerubim is plural for Kerub, "the four Kerubs" are lion man bull and eagle. "The Kerubim of the Arc" are the two golden angels that are on the top of the arc:

Those two angels are Sandalphon and Metatron, who are the Archangels which rule Malkut and Keter, respectively.

In a churchy sense, it’s an order of angels – and, if I’m not mistaken, Satan is from that order of angels, in that context.

And, finally, in a Hallmark™ context, they are very cutesy obnoxious babies ornamenting religious-leaning birthday cards.


Page 12 says that the 7 double letters have two sounds. I only know of 4 double letters that have two sounds: B,V; K,Ch; P,F; and Sh,S. What are the 3 other double letters with two sounds?


Oddly, since Shin is considered a Mother Letter it is not counted as a Double Letter. Tav, Kaph, Peh, Resh, Daleth, Beth, and Gimel are “the double letters” referenced in the Sephir Yetzirah where it talks about the 12 single letters being the zodiac, the 7 doubles being the planets, and the 3 singles being the mothers. I too have had trouble finding another reference to these being the “double letters” other than the Sephir Yetzirah and the Zelator.


Page 17: when the times are ended, He will call the ... and all shall be consumed and become Infinite and Holy. This sounds very Jewish and tends to discredit reincarnation which I strongly believe in. Just a statement of philosophy.


Buddha has also pointed out the value in transcending the wheel of life and death. It may help to think “outside of time”. When *time* has ended (or on that level where it never existed) all that has been created is consumed in the Light, and is made infinite and Holy. That might help.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stained Glassed

Esoterinerd Vocabulary for the Day - "Stained Glassed": (adjective) Can be used to describe the messagings which an individual claims to be channeling from a higher source (such as a god, an angel, or a ghost) when it is evident that the person performing the channeling has already predetermined the jist of what the message will be and/or pre-established a set of talking points which they will then present as if the source of the message was someone or something other than themselves. Sometimes you might feel a real presence, even as it is real sunlight which shines through stained glass, illuminating the picture already created by the artist. (for example: “last night’s channeling was very obviously stained glassed, but I got something out of it anyway.”)

Todd: I think that anyone and everyone who channels is guilty of this to some extent. as long as you have a Ruach (a soul) -the message being filtered through it will to some extent be corrupted. This goes from the highest, most enlightened, on down. The question is- "To what degree?" and "What are the motives behind it?"

P.S.: Larry's Clue Farm called, and thought I should mention, at this point, that having a knee jerk reaction to the above, when no one has mentioned any names, and then word-violently barfing back the definition of the word "hater" is itself evidence (whereas the above isn't) of your own guilt. It's the equivalent of responding to "hi, how are you?" with "what?! I wasn't anywhere near fifth street! besides, what motive would I have had - you've got nothing on me - this is harassment, officer!"

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Theoricus Poker...?

Avete Sorores et Fratres!

The original post is below, but first I wanted to draw your attention to this Podcast Episode in which Dru and I play Theoricus Poker:

VH Frater BT's Esoterinerd Podcast

Episode 41: Theoricus Poker
[01:07:34]  February 12th, 2016

Click here to download the episode.

BT and Dru play Theoricus Poker, with a little help from the David Bowie Oracle Cards.

Now here is the original 2011 post:



So, I haven't tried playing this, but it seems like a fun way to drill correspondences - I suppose it'd be preferable to use a deck other than the one you read with.

So here it goes: the dealer gives everyone 7 cards. The person to their left puts a card in the middle face up - any card they want, then draws a card from the facedown deck that's left over. The next person has to put a card on it that either is of the same planet, element, zodiac, is a sephira connected to the path, or a path connected to the sephira. 2's, then, would go with any zodiacal, or Aleph, Daleth, Heh or Vav - or any wand - 6's with any king (based on the four-world correspondences listed below "for simplicity's sake"), resh (sun), gimel, heh, zayin, nun, samek, or ayin - nun would go with cups or 6's, 7's or 5 for Mars, or peh. If you pass, you still have to draw a card. If someone puts down a card that doesn't correspond, anyone playing can call bullshit and if they're right, the person who put it down has to pick up all the cards that are face up - but if it does correspond, the person who called bullshit has to pick them up. Whoever runs out of cards first wins. Should make for some interesting debates and stretchy correspondances - have fun :)


For simplicity's sake, the Supernal Triangle could correspond with all Kings, the Ethical all Queens, the Astral all Knights, and the 10s all Pages.

, then goes with any King, Sword, Ace or 2 (the sephirot it connects), as well as , , and , and (one could argue) Wand (primal element).

goes with any King, 8 (for mercury), Ace or 3 (the sephirot it connects), or (ruled by mercury), Wand (primal element) or (one might argue) Sword (element of planet (too stretchy?)), and then there's the Shem correspondences to consider... perhaps for a more "Advanced Theoricus Poker", in which case it would also go with , , , , or .

goes with any 9, Ace, or 6, King, or Queen, as well as , , , , and , and (one could argue) Cup, and for the "Advanced" version, , , , , or .

goes with any 7, 2, 3, or King, as well as , , , , , , , and (one could argue) Wand, and for the "Advanced" version, , , , , or .

goes with any 2 (since it connects it *and* 2 goes with all Zodiacals), 6, 5, King, Queen, or Wand, as well as , , and for the "Advanced" version, , , or .

goes with any 2 (for both the same reasons as the Emperor does), 4, 7, King, Queen, or Pentacle, (one could argue) 10, as well as , , and for the "Advanced" version, , , or .

goes with any 2, 3, 4, 8, King, Queen, or Sword, as well as , , and for the "Advanced" version, , , or .

Will add more later.

Oh, and also I discovered that "Neophyte Poker" would be the same, but with no major arcana. Basically like Uno - 4s with 4s, cups with cups - the court cards presenting a slight challenge for newbies.