Requiem & Rosary


For anyone who would like to participate vicariously or on whatever level, here is the Golden Dawn Requiem I performed today for the victims of violence in Orlando, Africa, Paris, and everywhere else recently:

Namaste et LVX
Frater BT

The Confession of the Hierophant


I recently was reminded of something ICL had written and posted to all the members back in 2001. So, I asked him if he would mind digging it up for me, and also if he would mind if I posted it on my blog here. He said he didn't mind. Here is the Hierophant Confession being referred to, followed by ICL's September 2001 post.


The Confession of the Hierophant

Fratres et Sorores of the Order, seeing that the whole intention of the Lower Mysteries, or of external initiation, is by the intervention of the Symbol, Ceremonial, and Sacrament, so to lead the Soul that it may be withdrawn from the attraction of matter and delivered from the absorption therein, whereby it walks in somnambulism, knowing not whence it cometh nor whither it goeth; and seeing also, that thus withdrawn, the Soul by true direction must be brought to study of Divine Things, that it may offer the only clean Oblation and acceptable sacrifice, which is Love expressed towards God, Man and the Universe.…

Ritual Green

Time for a ritual question?

Go ahead.

The earth invocation, what is it supposed to be doing to our body/soul? And is it possible to use the invocation to commune with elementals?

"Grounding", attuning our consciousness with the nature of elemental earth. Yes.

Is there anything I can do to make elemental earth energies more... I guess the word to use is visible? Not sure if that’s the right word.

Yes... Do you have Ritual Green?


The whole thing is good, but there's one part in particular I'm thinking of. Remember, earth is the combination of air water and fire, especially the base elements, though all other kinds are included as well. In other words, you're breathing the atmosphere, it's part of you, part of your body. Your moisture is all oceans, rivers and clouds. Your bones are most like earth, but even using intelligence and science and such you can "see" how these parts all come together on cell and even molecular scales. For example, with…

Letter from TDL

Avete! Here is a letter that TDL has just asked us to forward to all members, so I figured I'd just post it here. 770, BT :)

Avete Fraters and sorors of the Golden Dawn California, Temple of Isis Mighty Mother,

I want to warmly greet all of our Fraters and Sorors to a happy and blessing filled 2012. I want to also extend a reminder that I and all the Adepts at Isis are here to serve God, you and the occult community. We are doing every effort to broaden and expand our grade lessons, classes and workshops so as to make your membership at the Temple of Isis a memorable and magical filled experience.

As of recent, we (Temple of Isis under Golden Dawn California), have made a declaration of separation from the EOGD and its founder PDR who is otherwise known as Robert Zink, for reasons of extreme differences of interests and goals for this Order of Light. We regret to say that there may be some recent posts on the internet that may be attempting to stir up some confusion and cause stri…

Golden Dawn Universum

This Facebook Group is hosted by the Praemonstrator of the Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, in Baldwin Park California, as a public service: members of all the various Golden Dawn based Orders are welcome here, as well as Solo Practitioners, or anyone curious about the Golden Dawn.

In truth, the Fraters and Sorors in the True and Worldwide Golden Dawn are numerous, and the particular grades they carry in whatever Order it is are irrelevant. We are called to be in the world, not of the world. Grades and politics are of the world.

Please note that membership in this Facebook Group does not constitute initiation into any Golden Dawn Order. If you feel the call to pursue this work in a group setting, there are several Orders out there to choose from. Don't be fooled when you see the name "Golden Dawn" in a group's name, as this does not equal authenticity per se, and there are plenty of groups that provide Golden Dawn initiation that do not have the words "Golden Dawn&qu…

Oh.. Happy.. Day!!!

(AKA "TDL's Declaration of Independance" AKA "It's About Friggin' Time!" AKA "Warning: This Post is Entirely about Politics")

Avete, "The Community"!
Fratres, Sororis, and Cousins in Light of all kinds.

For those of you who are just tuning into our shenanigans, allow me to sum up:

Most, if not all, of the bad things you've heard about the EOGD are true.

However, over the past 22 years or so, sincere people have become initiated in the ECL, HOEGD, HOMSI, EOGD - all names for the same organization, three of the founding four of which had left long ago, and the head of which had long since been one Robert Anton (yes that's his middle name) Zink, AKA GH Frater PDR. The longest standing of these sincere seekers to date: GH Frater TDL, my mentor.

So, firstly, I can affirm the accuracy of the vote that took place and which was announced here:

From the point of view of the 23 who voted "…

Ladders, Nothingness, and Side-Paths

Frater BT,

Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that creation starts in the Abyss and we "evolve" up through the animal states to human state and finally to a divine state of being. In the Gnosticism that I was studying they explained it as follows:

We start off as in innocent little spark of God that was sent out of the vastness to Self-realize and go back to the Absolute a fully awakened and Self realized being. We are sent out into manifestation first in the mineral kingdom, then to the plant kingdom, then to the animal kingdom and finally take incarnation as a humanoid. During this "realization" process, we obtain what they termed "egos" and it is in the humanoid state that we consciously observe and dissolve these ego states with the power of the Divine Mother. These egos are the lower states that we needed in the animal kingdom to survive and learn so that we could evolve into the humanoid states. In the process of dissolving the ego and with…